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Is it possible to steam live tv to a mac over the Internet?

Asked by elman25 (159points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

if so what program?... By the way I live in the U.S and I don’t want to use any hardware…. Thanks!

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Ooooh, get a crock pot and throw your television in!

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Umm.. iguess.. if u say so right? _

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I’m not sure but I think a standard crock pot will over steam any tv you might use.
Try a wok instead.

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Oh, or a waffle maker, because who needs steam when you have waffles.

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I do have a real answer though. Which is that you can’t get live TV on your Mac without an external device. I.E. Capture card, USB or otherwise.

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Isnt that what a slingbox does? I dont know if it works with Mac

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Oh, nice call deminboy, nice call. You kicked that one right in the seat of the pants.

No, seriously, I didn’t know that existed.

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we have slingo on our PC & it works, dont know about mAC

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It works with the Mac. Have fun!

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