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Are there some things a guy would do if he felt denied?

Asked by naresh28 (267points) May 4th, 2011

If a guy felt that his effort to get attention from someone he has a crush on has failed, will he show anger towards her? What if he felt she really liked him, but refused to show it? What if someone else started flirting with him and he began to like that attention and shifted his focus, will he totally forget his first crush, especially if he saw her regularly?

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There is no single answer to this question. It totally depends on the people involved.

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It just depends on the guy and how he handles his feelings and how he expresses his emotions. If he feels rejected, he could react in a number of ways. It just depends on him. There’s really no easy way to answer it without know the guy and how he’s reacted in the past.

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Anyone else feeling confused?

Assuming the guy isnt bat shit crazy….he would probably just move on eventually, I mean how long is he supposed to wait around if he’s being ignored?

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what if his personality is the passive aggressive type? What if he is an ‘alpha” male, and she was not impressed by that?

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It’s still really hard to say. Just because he tends to be passive aggressive or an ‘alpha’ male doesn’t mean he would necessarily do one thing over the other. I’d imagine a passive aggressive person would probably ignore her and be cold toward her, but he might do something else. Eventually he’d get tired of it and move on though.

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If he’s anything like me or the men I know, after being turned down, he would move on, still talk to the girl if he saw her in a group, but would make it clear he is no longer interested.

And if another girl came along that expressed interest in him, he would be open to her (provided he was attracted to her).

The first girl is out of luck, even if she changes her mind.

By the way, is this the source of your conflict expressed in your last few questions? Because if he reads any of your previous questions, he will try to avoid the craziness.

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Depends on the guy, some guys love the one there with, some guys try to have what the cant have, and some guys are just gamblers, and some guys will crawl through your bedroom window and jerk off all over your pillow like a dog marking his turf, of course he could do this to multiple women and that would be real confusing because hes claiming all the women he can see; is that love? I dont know, maybe.

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1. Anger will not win over the object of affection. Anger is a sign of a controlling person. Who needs help.
2. If he thinks she really likes him but doesn’t show it, he’s probably a bad judge of people. People who like you generally let you know one way or another.
3. If a third party shows signs of liking him, he should focus his attention in that direction, and move on from his crush.

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It depends on how old he is. In general he’ll follow up on his strongest lead and hope for the best. Does he see her regularly at work, at school..? More importantly, does he see her regularly because he has made the decision to see her regularly.?

It sounds like he may be angry because he feels like he has been wasting his time, that he has already moved on.

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It varies widely from one person to another. Speaking for myself, I would not get angry but I would be disheartened and totally give up on the first person, crush or not, and shift focus onto the person that seemed to be interested. There’s no point pursuing a crush that isn’t going to materialise.

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