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Funny bad parenting moments? Have you had one as a parent? or do you remember one from when you were a kid?

Asked by cheebdragon (19595points) April 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I had one a few months ago, I was at the airport with my 2 year old and we were going thru the metal detectors and baggage screening area, we both had to take our shoes off and I had to take my laptop out the bag to be scanned seperatly and I’m trying to do all of this while holding my kid. When suddenly I hear my last name over the intercom…..and I’m thinking oh thats funny I never hear my last name anywhere…..and then I hear ”....Victoria, your plane has already been boarded…” and telling me I only had a couple minutes to get to my gate or the plane would be leaving without me! I freaked out (I thought I was early but the time on my phone was wrong because of daylight savings), the first thing out of my mouth were “OH F***!” and then my son starts saying “oh f***, oh f***, oh f***......” as he’s jumping around! I looked at the guy in front of me and he starts busting out laughing and then he says “its going to be a long flight for you”. We made it to the plane in time and as we are walking down to our seats with everyone staring at us because were late my kid is still saying “oh f***...” It was funny but I still felt like the worst parent ever! It took over a month to get my kid to stop saying it.

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When I was 8 I had to get some teeth pulled and my mom scheduled the appointment on my birthday. Fast forward to 10, my birthday, I get picked up from my aunts house and my mom says she has a surprise for me – it’s getting my vaccine shots. Fast forward to 18, it’s time to get my wisdom teeth out. I let my mom make the appointment and she makes it for my birthday. Since I had to recover, I couldn’t have birthday cake, birthday dinner, Christmas dinner, or Christmas leftovers (my birthday is 12.22).

Really, mom? My birthday?

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oh cheeb your story had me on stitches. I dont have any that I remember off hand but when my daughter.was a baby and making the transition from breast milk to hard foods we were getting Mexican at a nice place. Everyone was coming up to see the happy baby smile and laugh. I picked her up over my head and we were kind of playing when she unleashed a vomit all over my head and face, infront of the waitress and a couple of people in the place. I almost got sick and the people next to us could not finish their food. It was funny.

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My sister loves to tell crazy mom stories, including the time she herded us into the closet after the smoke alarm started going off.

“There’s a burglar in the house,” she shushed, “and he’s smoking!”

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Another one, that we still laugh over almost 20 years later happened during a time when my sister was living at home, but nobody was really getting along with each other. My dad and my sister had a pretty formal relationship at the time due to a ton of conflict. Anyway, she took up my aunt and uncle’s offer to housesit for them (they live about a mile or two away) while they were traveling. My sister heads over there with my dad’s car, and the arrangement was that she’d return the next morning so that he could take the car to work.

My aunt and uncle’s house makes crazy noises, which has spooked me in the past and was enough to spook her that night, so eventually she decided she’d had enough, packed up and drove back home.

The next morning, my dad gets on the phone to call my sister to wake her up and/or make sure she’s coming back to the house so he can take the car to work. My aunt and uncle’s answering machine comes on and Dad starts in on the “Wake up, pick up the phone” routine. Meanwhile, Mom, who has already discovered my sister home in bed walks down the hall, opens her bedroom door and tells her to pick up the phone because Dad wants to talk to her.

So my sister picks up the phone and asks, “What do you want?”

“Come home so I can have the car,” he says.

“I am home,” she says.

“No your not,” he says. “You’re at Barbara and Paul’s. Now come home. I need to get to work.”

“I am home,” she repeats. “The car is in the driveway.”

This continues until Mom interrupts Dad. “Joe,” she says, “She’s in her bedroom.”

“No she’s not,” he insists, “I’m on the phone with her right now.”

So this continued for a few minutes more in probably increasingly hostile terms until Dad was finally convinced that my sister was home and the car was in the driveway.

A few days later, my aunt and uncle got to hear the whole conversation, which had been recorded on the answering machine.

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kevbo, that’s hilarious!

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allie, aww thats a mean thing to do to a child, I’m sorry. My sons birthday is 12/24,
he was born on the same day that his uncle died on 2 years earlier, of all the days in the year…... He was supposed to be born on the 18th.

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When we were little, my brother and I went to a birthday party where we both drew pictures. When we got home I proudly displayed mine to my dad who said “wow, that’s great Tali, let’s put it on the fridge!” My brother, 2 years older, then came in with his and showed it off to my dad who then said “Shai, that’s just….well it’s just not very good.”
Needless to say my brother still uses it against him whenever he needs a favor.

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My family messes with me a lot. I was (still am) really gullible so they used to play all kind of jokes on me.
Here’s one of the many things they told me: My mom and uncle told me they could fly, but only at night when I was asleep. They also said sometimes they took me flying with them, but they never woke me up because they didn’t want me to be afraid of the height. I believe this for about two years until one day they had to tell me the truth because I wanted to take them in for show and tell at my school.

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My then 7-year-old son and I were on a walk. We ran into an old (and elder) friend of mine who also happens to have pretty visible issues with his teeth—missing several and a lot of blackness. My son said “boy, your teeth don’t look very good at all”. My friend didn’t hear him, and turned to me for clarification. I’m always in “facilitate-my-children’s-interactions-with-adults mode” so I repeated the statement back to him verbatim before I had a chance to think about it.

The look on his face was not a happy one.

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My mum made the mistake of telling me how she tricked her parents as a teenager for going out…..good inspiration though..

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My dad smacked my brother on accident.

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