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Whats the best smoothy you've had/made and whats in it,along with the health benefits.

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) April 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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Not sure about the health benefit specifics, but I love yogurt, honey and vanilla smoothies…..also like just about any yellow-ish smoothies (banana, pineapple, mango…)

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I’m a purest, so I go Rocky style.

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ewwwww raw eggs! (although relieved it wasn’t rick style)

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I got blueberries,rasberries,strawberries,blackberries,papaya,kiwi for a huge anti oxidant mix

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blueberries, raspberries, soy protein, psyllium husks, flax seed oil, honey

I have it semi-regularly for breakfast. Bananas might be good (but I’m allergic to them).

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