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What do you collect?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23147points) May 9th, 2011

I collect dragon figurines (wood, ivory, pewter, jade, etc…), shotglasses and stuffed monkeys.

Be it on purpose or accidental, what do you find yourself collecting?

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Coffee mugs. I have way too many but I can’t help myself.

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Slave girls…

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Weapons, giraffe figurines, skeleton keys, and really old stuff.

@HungryGuy Hahaha, it seems like all of your answers pertain to the M/S world.

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Vinyl records, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, books, lighters, bling, dismembered heads, boxes, flyers, and take out menus.

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Antiques, music, and inner thigh kisses.

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I collect snow globes, stickers, and small figurines.

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Moss and dust

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Little drawing and paintings of cities I have visited.

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Without intending to I have a collection of birds: ceramic, glass, wood, stone from various parts of the world I’ve visited. If I was to say I have a collection of whimsy, I could include the giraffe wearing sunglasses, the Southeast Asian dart gun, the sea otter computer screen cleaner, 2 hippopotamuses and the walrus

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Coffee mugs and sweatshirts whenever we travel.

Anything loon or frog related, also.

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Vitamin supplements. I can’t control myself.

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Cat fur. God, it’s like my pants grow it themselves at this point.

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@MyNewtBoobs LOL! I have that same problem…

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Hentai Anime & Manga.

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@KatetheGreat – Not true. Some of my answers pertain to Star Trek :-p

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@Kayak8 I can’t collect chocolate; I eat it too fast.

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@HungryGuy Hahaha, you’re just one of a kind then!

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elephants (intentionally), and i’m working on a collection of watches apparently :-/

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Broken hearts, apparently. Not on purpose.

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I’m trying to collect whale figurines, but they’re kinda hard to find. I only have two, one of which I made.

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Browser tabs and books.

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It used to be sand from all over the world, displayed in glass spice jars. Later, I got into purchasing items related to Frank Lloyd Wright (like a ring he had custom-made for one of his wives.)

I recently caught the cooking bug and plan to do what my sister does. She has subscriptions to several gourmet magazines. She spends a couple of hours each weekend perusing them and clipping out recipes, then filing them in 3-ring binders sorted by category.

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@SamIAm I have a few elephants myself. I recently painted an elephant piggy bank and it’s absolutely adorable!

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Old Xmas ornaments like these

Really awesome vegetarian recipes like this Tom Kha Soup

The Nanny “kissing clips” like This One

Vintage kitchen aprons

1960’s era ceramics

Pinecones and small stones from places that I’ve been.

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Telescope parts.

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Blue and white china. Pysanky. Cookie cutters.

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@jasonwiese55 “Your search ‘whale figurine’ did not match any products.” See!

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In my time I have collected, matchbooks, Madame Alexander dolls, VW Bug memorabilia, yarn, books, DVD’s, oil lamps, and unique fabric. I have divested myself of everyone of my collections and I see no more on the horizon.

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Vintage cashmere sweaters

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@Michael_Huntington I see wut j00 did thur

Horror movies, pillows and video games, especially limited editions or rare games, if I can find and afford them. But mostly horror movies. Again, I like special versions. I’m a sucker for cheap tin movie cases. Also, beer bottles and severed fingers.

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Do you store the severed fingers IN the beer bottles?

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Yeah, and when I cash em in the dude’s all like aaaaugh gtfo XD

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Must make for interesting conversation…

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Toilet paper. Fifteen points to the person who is first to find the post where I explain this more thoroughly.

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E-books. I have forty-seven thousand books in PDF format.

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@Mariah I have no idea why, but if you click the link, it says there are no results, but if you click go by the search field, it will show 124 results.

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@everephebe We have a WINNER!!!

So what I didn’t tell you is that today is double points day. Plus a triple letter score and a coupon for fifty points in the next contest.

And how did you manage to do that??? Can I come to you the next time I need to find something?It is also possible, but I am not sure, that there is a third answer on the same subject. Spend time looking if you want, but I can’t be sure it’s there.

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@wundayatta Yes, you can come to me anytime you need to find something. I enjoy the hunt.

My trick is just the way I google search. I typed in Fluther first, then wundayatta & toilet paper. And I clicked on everything (multi-tab hunting) till I found it. And I was of course kidding about wanting more points. :D

Other wundayatta toilet paper comments:
+inadvertently collecting tp
+if so, what
+how did you get started

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Grandchildren! Heh!

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Pre 1982 Pennies.

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Antique cameras, vintage photographs, guns, antique military gear, rare books, rocks, minerals, fossils, retro Halloween decorations, artworks and photographs that friends make, guitars, American and British historical memorabilia, war memorabilia, cigar bands, antique bottles, hats and helmets, postcards…

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Hmm ..elephants (fair trade figurines mostly), fossils, african wooden masks (and figurines), rocks, Michael Jackson memorabilia (been collecting since I was a teen), books, hats, hand-made musical instruments and some autographs from a few celebrities. I’ve also accumulated a large quantity of stuffed animals over the last 10 years.

Those are the ones I’ve kept up with over the years ..other collections have come and gone, lol.

Oh and my dog’s fur for many years now ..I want to get something made from it some day.

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Corks [ school project for kids ]

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Broken golf clubs, especially putters. I keep them as a reminder that golf, whilst being a fun, rewarding sport, can also drive you up the fucking wall at times.

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Oh, my partner and I have also kept the movie ticket stubs from every movie we’ve seen together ..I’m not sure why, lol.

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Art glass perfume bottles.

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@AmWiser – I found a 1937 D-series wheat penny in my old desk yesterday. But it’s only worth 10 cents. :(

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Retro Halloween decorations? Interesting. I have crap loads of Halloween stuff, every year I stock up near and after Halloween and use em as permanent decorations. What are yours like?

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@Symbeline I also collect really sexy hoes that are into zombies… you in?

Berserker's avatar

Ye’d best believe that. :D
Speaking of Halloween and hoes, I remember seeing Halloween themed thongs at the dollar store during Halloween. I should have got some.

Berserker's avatar

Haha wow I love that pumpkin dude. Man those do look pretty old. from the forties? Man. How do you get stuff like this? Also, the flickr link won’t work. :/

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@Symbeline, sad panda… try this

This link works for me when I’m signed out, so it should work for you too

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Lol @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard…the creepy romance pic and the baby doll pic are pretty bloody creepy.

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@PluckyDog, yeah the baby doll isn’t actually mine. The postcards, guns, and other random artifacts that typically have an informational write-up with them are mine.

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@aprilsimnel wooohoo! Your 1937 D and my collection of wheat pennies, we might have about $10 bucks. I collect pre-1982 pennies because the copper content is more than post-1982. Also copper prices are going up like silver and gold. I know it’s not much but…..

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Working! I’m on page five, I love that little Mauser handgun. What country is that from, Germany?

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@Symbeline, yep. The serial numbers indicate that it was manufactured in 1935 in Germany. It may have seen use in Russia at some point as well.

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Those Halloween paintings on page 8 also kick ass.

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@Symbeline, thanks! That was a little guitar I had to build, decorate, and play for a class I was in a year ago.

Berserker's avatar

What the hell kind of class has you painting Halloween guitars? Whatever it is, sounds cool lol.

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It was a general art/art history class. We talked about painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, music… everything, really, and for our final project, we had to get in groups, build and decorate our own instruments, form a band, and play a song to the class. Our band won the “best instruments” award.

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Oh my God. You guys are getting WAY off topic. I like it. Carry on!

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Our band won the “best instruments” award.

It damn well better have, those kick. Beats all those ’‘double guitars’’ if you ask me. I’m curious though, what song did you guys play?

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@Symbeline we had to write our own songs. I forget what our song was called, but I think it was something like “Singing Spiders in the Mud” or something like that. We also had to come up with our own band names and costumes. Our band was called “The Kindergarten Ghoulies.”

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