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Is it still possible to purchase classic feather pillows?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) May 10th, 2011

My husband and I each have frighteningly old feather pillows that we sleep with every night. Over the years we have searched and searched for replacements, but it seems that new feather pillows don’t have the same feel as the old ones. I’ve given up a few over my lifetime, but I have yet to find a suitable replacement.
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Can you still buy pillows like this, or are we stuck clinging to the last 2 awesome pillows on Earth?

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@ANef_is_Enuf : Are you looking for pillows with down or feathers or a mixture? Believe it or not, but many years ago I worked for a Japanese company that manufactured bedding. Of course, we made pillows. Those pillows aren’t available to the US market, but I googled “feather pillows” and got a bazillion matches.

Can you be more specific in what you’re looking for?

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@hawaii_jake I’m not sure. I know that they still sell “feather” pillows… but the pillows in the store don’t feel anything like the old pillows that my husband and I use. I have a pair of newer feather pillows, and even after long term use they still don’t feel like the others. Maybe it is down. The old pillows are soft and floppy and easy to mash around into whatever shape you want to use them as. They don’t retain their “pillow” shape very well, but can be molded into whatever fantastically comfortable position you choose otherwise.

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If they’re that squishy, they’re filled with down or a mixture of down and feathers, heavy on the down. Look for down pillows.

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I like Eddie Bauer stuff. This looks like a good pillow. If you have an Eddie Bauer store near you, call and see if they stock pillows so you can feel them.

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We don’t have an Eddie Bauer store nearby that I’m aware of, but I was looking up photos of down pillows. They look like the right floppy consistency. Now I am on a pillow squeezing quest to find the right ones. I can’t believe all of these years we have been looking for the wrong pillows!

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Try The Company Store. They carry down pillows and comforters.

And some of their products can also be found at Sears stores.

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I feel like @Coloma is going to see this and have evil thoughts in my general direction.

We do have a Sears. I’ll start looking into it. I feel so enlightened.

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Sure you can still find down pillows.

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I second The Company Store, since they have down pillows in various levels of “firm”. I think the ones for ‘stomach sleepers’ are the softest you can get.

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You can find feather pillows in several different sizes at Brylane home. I have gotten them from them before and they are quite comfortable. I have also seen them at Wamart from time to time. But I would try first.

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I get mine at IKEA. For the stomach sleeper ones I have to take out some of the feathers, but that’s no big deal.

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Plenty in Europe.

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Google: Eiderdown pillows. They’re mostly made in Europe, I think, and they are supposed to be the best feather pillows. (The down is from the Eider duck.) You can find them here in very expensive bedding stores. Don’t get chicken feathers.

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