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You thought driving while texting was bad? What about this?

Asked by filmfann (45307points) May 11th, 2011

A Florida woman was arrested last week for driving while shaving her private area. Seems she was about to go on a date, and wanted to be fresh and clean. Her husband (not the person she was going on the date with) was in the passenger seat, trying to stear while she was, um, busy.
I love watching women doing their make-up while driving. I am certainly guilty of trying to eat a Whopper while driving. I often look at a map while driving. I have even changed clothes while driving. This story, however, is more than I can imagine.
Isn’t this worse than texting?
Is there a law against this?
What are some of the crazy things you have done, or seen someone do, while driving?

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Normally, I would add a link to the story, but I am still recovering from a computer crash. Hopefully, someone will do that.

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I’m guessing she doesn’t brake with her left foot.

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I have a hard enough time keeping my focus as it is. Right brained blonde behind the wheel.

I have gotten much better at not doing extra stuff while driving. I pulled over the other day when a CD I pulled out of it’s case launched into the back seat. lol

I am guilty of the occasional make up check, eating once in awhile, but… probably the best moments have been transporting my geese to the vet in a basket in the front seat and my friends goat once. You have never really traveled until you have a goose trying to escape a wicker laundry hamper and it’s wings beating you in the face or a 150 lb. goat that is drooling down your neck.

The things we do for love!

I travel in grace, there is simply no other explanation for how I get from point A to point B in once piece a lot of the time. haha

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I have changed clothes while driving. I am so ashamed.

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There was a guy that crashed and died because he was masturbating while driving on a highway. I’ve just eaten, texted, received oral, and fingered a woman while driving. She accidentally knocked my gear neutral while I was doing 80 too ><

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I’ve heard of a German tourist who rented a motorhome in the US which featured a cruise control. He was very excited about the cruise control, because none of his cars in Germany ever had one (not that it would make much sense anyway over here with 82 million people squeezed into Montana).

Anyway, it was somewhere in the Midwest and once outside the big city on an pretty empty freeway, it was time to try out the cruise control. Thoroughly impressed by the wonders of technology he joined his wife in the back, who was already enjoying a strong cup of coffee.

When the man took his first sip, it got a little bumpy and his wife started complaining, suggesting Americans should take better care of their autobahns.

Before the man could take a second sip the cruise control failed badly (from his point of view that is) and the vacation took on a whole new feel.

Well, they both survived miraculously. Didn’t blame the rental car agency for failing to explain the workings of the cruise control. Besides, suing companies isn’t part of German culture really.

Hope this is crazy enough…

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I drove with my left leg out the window…among other things.XD
I have since changed my ways

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hahaha..I knew we were sisters! Me too…nice little extra breeze going’ on with that left leg out the window! lol

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She had no insurance, no license and, a DUI conviction and all she could think about was some dick? With her ex coming along for the ride? I wonder if she shaved when they were married. I think he was really pimping her. At least she’s off the road, would love to be a fly on the wall when they appear in court.

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@noelleptc Yeah it’s gross. How would you like to be the next person to borrow her car.

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Wait a minute! Lets see if I understand this situation. The woman driver is going on a date and her husband is sitting next to her in the car? He condones this? Surely, there is more to this story than you have told us. He is side-driving and she is shaving her rabbit patch?

I just do not get it…............

Is this woman a prostitute?

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How… how could you not horribly maim yourself if you hit a bump?

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@john65pennington The woman’s ex-husband was the passenger who was steering. They left the scene of the crime to pull over and switch seats, so that it looked like he was driving. The lie didn’t hold up, since his injuries were from the passenger side airbag, and one wasn’t activated on the driver’s side.

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Well I’ve now seen the ultimate in henpecked husbands ! (Im assuming the expression that goes with the initials PW would likely be modded, but you get the point)

I’m guessing a search of her purse contents would yield his absent cajones :)

I only hope these two dimwits never produce offspring. They are simply too dumb to be allowed to breed.

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Mariah mentioned hitting a bump, just imagine the possibilities if her airbag had deployed.

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According to the article linked above:

“The site also noted that Barnes was convicted of DUI and driving without a license the day before the crash.”

Why not just have her ex drive the car in the first place? Duh!

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Is that response is based on the premise that the ex-husband has a valid licence to drive?

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Not really- I think that because she was already convicted of DUI the day before, chances are that he wasn’t any more careless as a driver than she was, and he didn’t have to do any pubic grooming during the drive.

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