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What are the easiest herbs to grow?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) April 23rd, 2008

I have an east-facing window in the kitchen but the nearby building blocks a lot of the sun. I have already killed one basil plant.. :(

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What zone are you in? And most herbs do want lots of sun. The easiest and perhaps hardiest is our old friend, the chive. Killing basil takes great skill. Oh, and you can root mint in a glass of water; just pull off the leaves as you need them.

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They have planters that use no soil to grow there plants. I think its called AeroGarden. Any way they work great and you can try out all kinds of plants and herbs.
I looked up the site, and its what i was talking about.

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In my experience, mint, rosemary, lavender, and basil – but this is outdoors in southern California.

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Lavender in central NYS (zone 4B) is a lovely annual, but has to be replanted, as does basil. Mint comes back (boy, does it come back) and rosemary may be potted and wintered over in a sunny spot indoors.

Gooch forgot to mention that he lives in S. Lousiana., which does have a long growing season

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I grew a lemon balm from seed a few years ago; now it is a ground cover and spreads rapidly, keeping the poison ivy at bay. I don’t use it for anything. Tea maybe? It does smell like lemon.

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rosemary is so easy!

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But it won’t winter over outside in the cooler parts of the NE.

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Perennials are probably the easiest to keep around. I agree with a lot of what’s been said in previous posts… Rosemary, sage, mint, catnip, lemon balm, oregano & thyme all tend to be hardy once established. Basil, chives, parsley & cilantro tend to be more tender plants- the ones I’ve planted don’t usually last more than a season. They also need a lot of light and like warmer temperatures than the others, I think.

If you’ve got a southern facing window somewhere else in the house, it might be good to try growing things there as well. They might get better light.

Have fun!

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i’m having some good luck with fennel, i’m growing it from seeds and it’s so cute!

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@gardeners: Please add your growing zone (for me) so I don’t rush out and buy something tempting, like fennel, only to see it die at first hard frost. I love fennel. My sister, four miles away, finds that dill reseeds itself, but her soil is alkaline and baked by the sun.

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i’m in san francisco, i’m not sure how well fennel will grow in other areas. but here is more info about fennel –

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I’ve had both rosemary and mint do well inside. Basil is fantastic in the summer OUTDOORS.

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@MayaLocke: Welcome to Fluther. Do you have any personal gardening experience in addition to your links?

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