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How should I rate the attractiveness of other people?

Asked by toleostoy (282points) May 13th, 2011

For good or for ill, my friends and I were discussing what constitutes a “10” or a “7” etc. Should attractiveness follow a bell curve with most people falling into the 6–8 categories, or should the distribution be pretty even—10% of the population is a ten, 10% is a nine, etc.?

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Why are you rating people by looks alone? It is a shallow game.

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It’s all subjective anyway, so do what you want.

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“Shall I compare thee to a brick shithouse….....I mean, summer’s day?”

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@marinelife: we were having a shallow conversation; it wasn’t the first time, nor are we the only people who have done it. I think the question still stands if one was judging intelligence or personality. should any kind of ranking (which is admittedly over all shallow and a poor judgment of a person) follow a bell curve or be evenly distributed?

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If you are looking for someone to play this game with you, this forum probably isn’t the best choice. I’m pretty sure that most of us feel that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I’m just curious…if you realize that this is a shallow conversation, why are you participating in it?

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I agree with @Blackberry. It’s definitely subjective. People you find attractive may not be so to others (as you probably know).

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@toleostoy What I don’t get is spending time grading others. On any measure.

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If you must, you can use me as a point of reference to base others on. I am a 10.

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If a woman I’m talking to is knowledgable about issues ranging from archeology to global politics to movies, she’s a 7 in my view.

If she could also express her ideas in funny ways, she’s an 8.

If she is not judgemental and prejudiced in her views, she’s a 9.

If she is soft-hearted and compassionate, she’s a 10. ( at this point I would wish I have a ring to offer her )

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If a woman likes pancakes, she’s an 8.

If she also likes to party, she’s a 9.

If she also likes to get nekked, she’s earned herself a 10!

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Grading on a bell curve is so old school and full of statistical folly.

Its all subjective and as long as she rings my bell, that’s all I care about.

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Nothing wrong with a shallow conversation here and there. If you spend all your time in the depths you’re gonna drown eventually.

There is so much variation in what people consider attractive in others but if you’re saying on an individual bell curve you find most people fall into the 6–8 range… then I say you have a pretty high opinion of humanity in all it’s forms.

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Donald Trump gets a 1.
Jennifer Anniston gets a 10.

If we’re rating by hair attractiveness.

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Always fun – 1 to 10 will do – but 1 to 100 has more options.

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@erichw1504 By that system where do carrottop and bozo rank?

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Carrot Top gets a 3, for wildness.
Bozo gets a 6 for hilariousness.

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Bald people get a null, because their hair doesn’t exist.
But, @zen gets an 11, just because it goes with the suit.

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@ucme LOL, that was awesome
to the OP: how about brains?

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As you get older, you’ll [ hopefully ] learn that looks rank pretty far down on the scale since they don’t last, they tell you nothing about the individual’s personality or intellect, and they are pretty well useless as a guage of whether you’re going to like the person behind them or not.

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It doesn’t matter what scale you use. You do an analysis of it later. Then you can find the mean and the standard deviation. You can find out where the breaks are if you keep 10% of the people in each group.

You need no longer worry your pretty head about this. Just rate as you wish. Then get a statistician to sort it out later. For airheads, my rates are reasonable. For smart people, they are twice as high.

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Start with the fact that we all are inclined to give you a 2 for presuming to rate people, and go on from there.

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I agree with @Blackberry. A friend said a particular girl was “absolutely gorgeous”. I had been feeling sorry for the same girl because she was so homely. This has not been an unusual occurrence. It invalidates any scale. As you get older making scales about people’s looks stop being of interest as pointed out by @ CaptainHarley and others..

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I’m not for this kind of stuff.

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we’re talking about looks, right!? not how great a human being they are!
someone could be a 10, even if you hate them.

Considering people more attractive than others is not shallow, but judging them on it certainly IS!

For us, we consider it to be a gaussian distribution, with 10s and 1s being equally (very, very) rare… i’d say about 60% of people lie between 4–7, with less than 1% or maybe less than 0.5% being considered 1s or 10s (considering 10 is supposed to be literally perfect)

In the end, though, it’s just like comparing IQs… it’s only a number, which correlates with a particular property of people, which differs in significance, depending on who you ask…

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