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Giving up your seat?

Asked by Beulah (371points) May 13th, 2011

If you were a guy in a crowded train, who will you give up your seat to: senior citizen, pregnant woman or sexy lady? Why?

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Probably not the sexpot. I’m too old for that and won’t have anything to gain but yeah for the other two.

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I have three seats, I give them all up. If I have but one, it would go to the pregnant woman, unless she is only in her first trimester and the old lady can barely stand.

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I would give my seat up to the one who looks the most f’d up.How ‘bout that? XD

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Old fogie? Possibly. Preggers woman? Maybe. Sexy lady? Nah, she can have my lap! I don’t bite….....much ;¬}

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@ucme The granny stripper again?

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Even as a girl I give it up for a senior or a pregnant woman. I also offer to let them go first if there is a line in the bathroom. (That may stop as I get older. Urgency is changing as I age.)

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@woodcutter Well no, coz that would be called incest, kinda!

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I am a woman, and I would give up my seat for an elderly person or a very pregnant woman.

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Yes. Seniors, check! Unless he looks like Ahnuld Zenegger and I have a hangover! Pregnant woman, double check! Unless I was the one who impregnated her. She can stand, bah humbug! lol

Sexy lady maybe not. It would be harder for me to ogle at her standing up than sitting down comfortably.

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I’m a woman and I would ask the pregnant woman first, and if she declined then I would offer it to the senior citizen.

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Here’s a joke that’s not really related:

A woman and her baby get on the bus. The driver says, “My god, that’s by far the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!” The woman begins to cry as she takes a seat. A man sitting across from her notices her tears and asks what’s wrong. She replies, “I’ve just been greatly offended by the bus driver! He said something hurtful and inappropriate.” The man says “That’s so unprofessional! You should tell him how you feel.” “You’re right,” replied the woman, “I’m going to go give him a piece of my mind!” “Great!” said the man. “You go tell him off, I’ll hold your monkey.”


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@sliceswiththings I’m glad this is in social. That was great!!!!

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Thanks, @Adirondackwannabe. It just came to mind, I had forgotten about it for years!

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Woman here who would give up her seat for both a pregnant woman and an elderly person. I would also give up my seat for someone with a visible disability that makes it hard for them to stand, such as someone with a pronounced limp or using a cane. As a side note, I would change seats to accommodate someone who is accompanying a wheelchair user if it enabled them to sit together when otherwise they would have to sit a ways apart.

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People used to give up their seats when I had a broken arm. Um, I can stand just fine, thanks!

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I walk with a cane and people rarely get up to give me their seats . . .

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If I were an able bodied male then I’d do the same as I do know, give up my seat to someone who appears to not be comfortable standing or would really really appreciate to sit instead of stand more than I’ll enjoy keeping the seat and being aware of them standing.

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True story. We had been at Epcot ALL day and we were exhausted heading back to the parking lot to fetch our vehicle. We were all tightly squeezed into the tram and a very, very elderly couple got on and stood touching our knees.

She was bent over with the weight of a backpack.I poked my husband and whispered for him to get up and let the little elderly lady sit. When he offered, she said, “No thanks. I’d rather stand. I’m training for a triathlon and don’t want to set the weight of the backpack down.”

Always be polite, but never underestimate the strength of little old ladies. Seniors rule.

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I can understand why some people responded “a very pregnant lady” but I’ve learned first hand that even in the first trimester, being offered a seat is a god send. The woman might not be carrying a 7 lb baby around yet but just because she doesn’t look exhausted, doesn’t mean she’s not. I was most exhausted in my first trimester. I can now stand for much longer periods of time without getting tired. The first trimester was full of dizzy spells and sudden urges to vomit. Because of this, I would offer my seat to a pregnant woman, big belly or not!

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Well thank you all for your answers! Glad to know that courtesy is still common. I’d also give up my seat for seniors and pregnant women. And I also conclude that it’s tough being a sexy lady on a crowded train! Lol.

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In order of preference I’d give up my seat to whichever of the pensioner or the pregnant lady looks like they most need it. Then I’d take my place standing right next to the sexy lady.

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I was on crutches for 9 months when I was in college. Full hardware on one foot. I had to ride a bus at some points during my day to get from one end of campus to the other and I was stuck standing, on crutches, with a backpack full of books and next to no balance while stupid frat boys sat in their seats and looked at me. While we went up hills. And I almost fell over. Over and over again. :P Courtesy is not AT ALL common, at least not in my college town. This happened both on college buses and on city buses that have a far different demographic. Occasionally, I’d have someone give up seat. I let them know how much I appreciated that in a way that hopefully let the other people who ignored me feel like crap for being so rude.

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I personally don’t give it to anyone. I stand up and let an no-holds barred match begin. I’m banking on the geriatric by the way. They’ve had a lifetime to master dirty boxing.

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