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What would you say "Extreme Flutherization" was or is?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 14th, 2011

What would your definition of ”Extreme Flutherization” be? Fluthering for more than 8 hours straight? Answering more than 200 questions a week? You have to attach something to ”Extreme Flutherization” what would you say that would be?

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Fluthering while ironing your Fluther t-shirts on the top of Mount Everest.

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Or while mountain biking blindfolded.

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Checking fluther from a celly.
Stopping into a copy shop and paying to fluther on their computers if your own is broken.
Passing up outings and face-to-face company in order to fluther.
Skipping meals and/or sleep in order to fluther.

I’ve done these things when on, it was like an alternate universe. Good times.

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Calling your freezer a frizzer when talking with non-flutherites.
Actually looking up the dick punch song . [yes, it is real]

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Making a shrine around your computer desk and having a five ton jade idol of the jelly God in your lounge.

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Fluthering 24 hours non-stop.

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Fluthering while on jury duty . . .

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@anartist It is real, and good.

I would say putting off your term paper for either the Fluther chat room or Fluther minecraft server.

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Turning on your computer to check your emails…but you then diverted to the Fluther window which is still open. You start reading…..and answering….and the next thing you know…two hours have passed and you still haven’t checked your emails…and you really don’t care. :)

But I would guess that the greatest case of “Extreme Flutherization” will be when two jellies move in together/tie the knot…simply based on compatible answers to random questions!


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Fluthering while riding a bike down a steep mountain.
Fluthering while scuba diving.
Fluthering while having dinner with President Obama.
Fluthering while parachuting.
Fluthering while having sex.
Fluthering while washing dishes.
Fluthering while planting flowers.
Falling in love with another jelly.
Having more lurve than anyone else.

I have done at least one of those things, but you can’t get me to admit to anything else, not even if you take fluther away.

No. No. Don’t! I’ll tell you anything! Just give me back my fluther!

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Asking 3 questions every day.

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Fluthering whilst baking Macaroni and Cheese, hearing the buzzer go off and not getting up to check on it because you are busy describing to another Fluther, in great detail, how to make Macaroni and Cheese by scratch.

Do you smell something burning?

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If you Fluther in a box,
If you Fluther in your socks
Or atop a pile of rocks,
Perhaps, yes, that’s extreme.

If you Fluther sans a coat,
While sitting in a boat
That is sinking in a moat –
Relax. That’s just a dream.

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A situation where you have to choose between saving the life of your granny as she is flying out of your house because a tornado has picked it up and twirled it 100 feet in the air, and finishing your Fluther answer…

and you decide to finish the answer…

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Being here so often they offer you a job. Oh, wait…

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Telling your s/o that you’re not up to it, cuz you got some serious shit to do on the PC…

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All of the above plus, when you’re out of town you get up at the crack of dawn to use the hotel’s computer room to check on Fluther to see what you’ve missed. You also can’t wait to return to the hotel after your day’s outing to use the hotel’s computer room to check up on Fluther, again, to see what you’ve missed.

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Flushing the toilet while Fluthering in the town of Flushing, Queens while acting Flabbergasted that those Floozies on Facebook would ever accuse you of doing such a thing.

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