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Anyone in CHI right now? What are people wearing?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) May 14th, 2011

Going to Chicago soon, says it’s 30s-50s F right now. Boots or sandals? Sweaters or spring dresses? Seems like that is too cold to bust out the Spring wardrobe, right??

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Bring everything. Last week we set a record high for the date at 90. The week before that we set a record low for the date. Today, you could close your eyes and imagine you’re in southeast Alaska. So, who the hell knows what you’ll find when you get here?

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I’m in Illinois. It’s in the low 50s and raining. It’s supposed to be in the low 40s upper 30s the next two nights and low 50s and more rain tomorrow during the day. I noticed the forecast for the next week will be in the 60s.

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What @thorninmud said. It’s 48 F right now but we already hit 90 this spring.

Wear your warm clothes & boots, it’s the easiest way to carry them while traveling. Pack your sandals & sun dress.

Enjoy the city, we love visitors!!

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Record high and low in two weeks?! That’s impressive. Thanks all!

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Windbreaker, shorts, sandals and hiking boots. It was 85 on Wednesday and 36 with windchill today, Bring a little of both especially if you are to be anywhere near the lake.

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Heh. I just checked and it’s 12 degrees warmer in Juneau Alaska than here right now.

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Thanks for all the great advice everyone. I think it was spot on. I ended up not bringing boots and regretting it. Indeed I was wearing three shirts and a trench coat at the start of the trip and shorts by the end, and then the next day it hailed.

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