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How can I clean the inside windshield of my car so it's not all streaky?

Asked by PeterM (448points) August 15th, 2008

We drive straight into the sun every morning on my commute, and no matter how much I scrub with windex and dry with clean paper towels, the windshield is all streaky! What can I do?

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there is a spray cleaner called sprayway

i use that

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I’ve heard newspaper works well. I’ve never tried it though.

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Try Method Glass Cleaner and Glass Microfiber Cloth

They do a nice job of cleaning and provide a streak free shine. You can buy these at Target.

Good Luck!

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Mix a bit of white vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Use newspapers to clean (paper towels don’t work well with this concoction).

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That stuff is a combination of sweat, body oil, and the plasticizer that is constantly evaporating out of your interior vinyl. It’s extremely hard to get off. Windex and that stuff they sell for cleaning auto glass (especially) won’t faze it, just smears it around, as you’ve already seen.

The best results I have gotten have been from a spray cleaner that I ordinarily use on my eyeglasses. It seems to cut that film better than anything else I’ve found. Here’s a place that sells it by the gallon:

And you have to rub hard. I have also heard of using, but haven’t tried, the soft scrub abrasive cleaners sold for cleaning kitchen and bathrooms. Supposedly the abrasive in them is not hard enough on the Moh’s scale to scratch glass, but I’d try it on something you don’t care about first.

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