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How would you season those Frisbee style mushrooms for a burger substitute?

Asked by Aster (18860points) May 15th, 2011

I have 4 big mushrooms that look like cow paddies. I want to put one on an onion bun with lettuce and…what else? What kind of seasoning should I use? I don’t have any tomatoes and the grill can’t be used now. Paul Dean used that Mexican? green blender stuff mixed inside mayonnaise but I can’t remember what it’s called and she used an indoor grill. I think fried onions would be good.

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I would season it just as I would a hamburger. Salt, pepper and garlic. I think your fried onions would be a great combination.

Was Paula using guacamole? That’s my initial reaction to “Mexican green blender stuff.” Or maybe salsa verde?

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I heard some really great advice from a vegetarian chief that I think worth passing along. If you try to make vegetarian substitutes for traditional meat dishes you will always be disappointed because you have a pre-conceved notion of something you are trying to imitate and your end result will never stack up. However, if you create something wondrous that the folks you are serving have never tasted all they taste is the wonderful dish without trying to compare it to something it’s not.

So… instead of trying to make those mushrooms into a meat patty, make them into hearty mushrooms that will be the star of your sandwich! I would cut them into fairly wide strips and saute them in butter seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper and garlic. You will get much more flavor that way rather than cooking them whole and on your sandwich they will be “those awesome mushrooms” rather than “that cow patty sized fungus trying to be hamburger meat”. I would also consider steering away from hamburger buns as well to keep your dish from being compared to a hamburger. I would consider using a nice focaccia or a nice crusty artisan sourdough with onion, tomato and lettuce.

(Dang, I’m getting hungry)

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Wow; awesome! Saute in butter, s&p in strips! I don’t care if people would compare it to a hamburger because I’m the only person I had in mind to eat one!!
No; it wasn’t guacomole PDean used. Maybe I’ll think of it later—I doubt it—This green spicy stuff she mixed with mayonnaise.

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Marinate with worcestershire sauce, maybe a bit of sugar. Throw bacon on it.

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I have actually marinated them in my favorite italian style dressing and then grilled them and they tasted awesome.

Oh by the way the name of the mushroom you are talking about is a portabella mushroom, it might help if you were looking for any recipes online to prepare them.

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