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Are these mushrooms safe?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) December 21st, 2016

Yesterday I bought a pack of mushrooms from trader joes. They were left in the car. The temperatures were below 60F the entire time outside the car. Are they still good?

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Yes, they’re still good.

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Oh is that all? Yes, they will be fine, worst case would be they would wilt and dehydrate at higher temps but not actually go bad, as in, get sick bad.
I thought you were going to ask if the mushrooms you picked somewhere in the weeds that you can’t quite identify are safe to eat. NO! LOL

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They are safer after a rain growing out of cow poop…~~

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Apply the sniff test. Sniff them and if they smell bad, throw them out. If they smell of nothing much, they are perfectly fine. Do this with all fruit and vegetables!

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Yes. They aren’t kept in a refrigerator in the store or while they’re growing in the ground.

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When mushrooms start to go bad, they get slimy and kind of sour smelling. But your mushrooms are fine at those temps.

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