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Did people actually wear poodle skirts?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) May 16th, 2011

In 1950’s themed parties girls wear poodle skirts, but did people actually wear them. If so how popular were they?

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I have the cutest poodle skirt from the fifties. Yes, they were so popular people wear them to themed parties. Hint hint, duh

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I remember seeing them on TV. Isn’t fashion just the weirdest thing?

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My wife wore poodle skirts to dances, when my rock and roll band played. You left out the bobbie socks and black and white shoes.

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Yes, I remember them well. They were very popular.

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Yes, women actually wore poodle skirts. I doubt they’d be the clothing of choice at a themed party if they weren’t really a fashion of that time.

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I think some women wore them. Men did not, as a rule.

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OH, yeah. I also remember them well, along with the crinoline and elastic waist-cincher belt. It was a look that suited those with hour-glass figures, like me. It wouldn’t wash with today’s young bodies, the ones belonging to the lean, hipless nymphs.

We wore bobby socks and penny loafers.

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Yup my mother has pictures of herself in them.

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Oh my, yes! The circle skirt, mid-calf length, with crinoline petticoat underneath to make it stand out was very “in.” If you were skinny and had a tiny waist, it was a great look. (Think Audrey Hepburn.) During WWII skirts were short to make fabric go further. Once the war was over, skirts went down to ankle length, but straight. Then came the poodle skirts. They were great for jitterbugging, although a circle skirt could fly up when you spun and reveal your underwear.

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Yeah, I’ve seen pictures of my older female relatives in them. A lot of teen girls wore them.

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Yes, I have pictures of myself wearing one, but I’m not going to go digging for it tonight.

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