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Are there any Woolworth's left from the original family?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) May 16th, 2011

The ones who opened the first Woolworth’s store.

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According to Wikipedia, yes.

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Were the Woolworth Stores connected to the Woolco Stores?

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Can you clarify? When you ask if there are any ‘original Woolworth’s left from the original family’, do you mean family members, stores still owned by the family, or stores still carrying that name, even if it is a franchise?

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@john65pennington Yes Woolco was a discount chain of Woolworth’s.

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Wow..Woolworths, havn’t thought of that chain for eons. I used to go to Woolworths all the time as a kid, french fries and cokes at their fountain/diner for pennies. lol

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2008 Article. Barbara Hutton, who married Cary Grant, was one of them.

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I can see their building from my window. I don’t think the family owns it anymore, though.

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I mean family members.

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There is an e-mail from 2000 posted to the Woolworth family member that states there are descendants of FW Woolworth living at the Oyster Bay estate and in Florida.

FW Woolworth had three daughters; Barbara Hutton is the daughter of Edna, who committed suicide. Her father was of the EF Hutton brokerage firm Huttons. Helena Woolworth McCann and Jessie Woolworth Donahue both also had children.
Children of Helena and Charles McCann: Fraser, Constance and Helena.
Children of Jessie and James Donohue: Jimmy Donahue, Woolworth Donahue

Here’s an article about Woolworth Donahue’s daughter

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I am Judi Woolworth Donahue, my great grandfather was FW Woolworth….His youngest daughter Jessie my grandmother, my daughter + her children are also direct descendants…

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Thanks for the personal response, @judiwoolworthdonahue!

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My Grandmother was a companion to Mrs. Woolworth in Florida, for a short while. It was just a short assignment for my Grandmother. She worked for an agency, and stayed with children who parents traveled abroad but the kids had to stay state side. Now and then, she was asked to stay with adults. That’

s how she came to be with Mrs. Woolworth( now that i think about it…it is possible that it was a wife’s mother….not necessarily Mrs, Woolworth. Grandma is gone now, so i can’t ask her) The lady that she stayed with was already elderly, and i believe she had a dementia type of disorder. My Granny lived in Jacksonville Fl. and im thinking this may have been sometime in the late 60’s to 70’s.

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