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What is the screen size on an Apple IIe?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) May 16th, 2011

I was wondering what the screen size is on this type of apple IIe. also wondering if there are any cheap LCD monitors that would fit as a substitute. My plan is to scrap out my apple IIe, and put a windows machine inside of it. I figure it would be a nifty little project since I can’t really use it for anything else and I’m bored.

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The old Apple IIe was most commonly seen with a Monitor // which was a 12” monochrome CRT. BTW, the duo-drive is a nice touch; I am more used to seeing a pair of singles.

Oddly, an Apple IIe still has a bit of value; I’ve seen quite a few going in the $200–350 range, which is more than you’ll see a three-year-old mid-range PC go for. I guess that they are now considered antiques :D

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@jerv wierd, because i’ve seen them mostly for really cheap amounts. Anywayhs, yes, I have the dual floppy drive which is neat, I plan on putting CD drives in there, not %100 sure though.

Do you think it’s feasable to put a 12” LCD without the frame inside the old monitor housing?

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wow writing an answer long enough?

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Oof! You’re looking at a bit of custom craftsmanship but it is feasible… if you can find one the right size. Most of the LCDs I’ve seen are 16:9 widescreen instead of old-school 4:3, and 12” is an odd size anyways. It’s not impossible to find something the right size, but it may be a little trickier than you think. Of course, you’ll have to seriously modify the screen bezel anyways unless you are content to block the corners of the screen, so you’re actually probably looking at a 13” 4:3 display.

As for the drives, I would use slot-loading optical drives to keep it looking closer to original.

I am not sure if the original keyboard uses a standard PS/2 interface, but I somehow doubt it so you probably will have to do some hacking on that :/

Now for the stupid thought. See, my Core i3 has onboard graphics that are not terrible, so yuo don’t need a graphics card which may be hard to mount .

Sorry – got distracted….

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no problem, I was expecting a huge wall of text lol

I figured it might be difficult to ge an LCD in there, I was hoping it wouldnt be that ahrd though.

I definitly like the slot loading drive idea, I hope I can find some cheap around here, this thing is mostly going to be scraps I got laying around.

The keyboard just hooks up with a ribbon cable, I’ll probably have to rewire it, or cut up an old PS2 keyboard and swap the keys.

this is the motherboard I have, with 1 gig of rambus ram, and a 1.66GHZ processor, with a 40 gig samsung hard drive XD

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I guess you must be bored XD

Personally, I would invest a little in something faster like this or some other mini-ITX setup. The Atom D525 is about 6–7 times as powerful as your P4 and about 50% better than my old 3.4GHz Northwood. What’s more is that, since the Atom was designed for low power consumption (like netbook batteries), you can almost power the thing by scuffing your feet on the carpet, so you don’t have to worry about getting 1.21 Gigawatts through a flux capacitor to power it.

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Oh, and to keep you entertained hile I run an errand, here is a funny video .

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@jerv damn, that’s a nice motherboard and it would be considerable easier to mount, and I have quite a few computer parts,Imight be able to scroundge upthe money to get it, and I can get a power supply that would work for free out of one of mine or my workplace. The only problem si getting the money and then having to wait for it XD

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Great video XD

Hmm, a sata power supply will probably be a bit more difficult, but I luckuly have an 80 gig sata HD sitting around, was hoping to save it but it would work, the laptop memory is also a bit of a dissapointment but oh well, it would definitly be worth it. I have 2 Creative Soundblaster Live Drive Ir Sb0010 Sound cards that I am going to try to sell for $50 a piece

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@jerv How big is that board physically? are there any pictured of it compared to someone’s hand? I can’t find any size specs

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Read a little closer and it tells you; 170mm * 170mm. Mini-ITX is pretty small, and that is the standard size. See here for a little more info.

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Holy Shit! That’s so small XD That really cool lol

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Unfortunatly slot loading drives are mostly gone because of scratching, and the ones that are available are hundreds of dollars. I’m going to cut a hole in the size of the case at the bottom, and mount the CD/DVD drive flush with the plastic. Luckily I have a couple old beige/white ones that should do okay. The problem with having a CD drive in the floppy drive is the connection, I’m not sure how I could make it removeable.

The mobo should hook up to a standard PSU, right?

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Many use standard ATX power connectors, but not all so check before you buy.

Some laptops use slot-loaders too; maybe salvage one of them? Apple seems find of them too. I’ll keep an eye out…

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