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Are there any special shoes that only allow you to walk on the balls of your feet?

Asked by ragingloli (52063points) August 11th, 2009
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i think their is a brand name of shoes called “earth” that are designed that you walk better. my coworker has them it’s supposed to help improve your posture.

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no i don’t mean shoes with rods at the heel

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There are a number of shoes like the ones I posted above, but those are the cutest ones.. If you can consider them cute!

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i was thinking more of shoes that force you to use your own foot muscles to stay in that stance.

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@ragingloli Those shoes, in order to stand and walk, would force you to use the muscles in the foot and calf in order to remain upright. There’s not really anything in a shoe that exercises the muscles in the foot and, even with all my foot problems, I can’t imagine a need to really exercise foot muscles. You can try things like picking up marbles with your toes, but I doubt you’re going to find what you want in a shoe if exercising the foot is the goal.

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Those high heel-less shoes in the link above would require you to walk on your toes, since there isnothing to step onto your heel with.

I took ballet all through childhood and that developed those muscles… have you considered that? There are also poses in yoga that have you balancing on your toes.

Otherwise, if your goal is to develop those muscles, it would be best to walk tip-toe in bare feet, so you can splay your toes and use them to grip the ground. Calf raises on the edge of a stair are also good.

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Walking on sand at the beach is very good for your feet and lower legs, too. Otherwise, there are exercises such as Toe Pickups, Toe Rises, Plantar Fascia Massage, and Ice Bottle Massage that can strengthen and sooth the muscles of your feet.

Earth shoes actually encourage you to walk a bit more on your heel, thus forcing your back and hips into a position that results in better posture. Then shoes like Birkinstocks have a good metatarsal arch support, to help prevent ball-of-foot pain and tingling.

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Are these what you are talking about? Google Search

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@se_ven: Good call! I forgot about those! I was bombarded by ads for them when my son was playing Prep School Basketball.

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