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Are there any publishing scientists here at fluther?

Asked by AdamF (4002points) May 18th, 2011

I often read responses to questions which indicate a fair level of expertise.

It would be nice to know a little about active scientists here, such as your specific area of research, university or private industry, etc..

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I am not one and I don’t know about anyone but I would like to know and so, thanks for this great question :)

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I guess it would still be interesting if there aren’t many (any) responses.

wait and see when the Americas wake up..

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I might fall into that category – private company doing government funded research. Energy and aerospace related.

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Not yet! I am in the process of conducting research for a book.

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their are several of us.

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Most of us are just really well-informed, but there very well might be published scientists among us.

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@DrBill Care to elaborate…if not, it might be of interest to know why.

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@AdamF There are several of us on here, I have two doctorates from UCS, and have been published in psychology today, and several others,

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Thanks Dr Bill!

I’m an ecologist publishing primarily in areas relating to the maintenance of biodiversity in managed production forests, and climate change ecology.

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I write stuff related to anthropology and a bit of archaeology (and a bit of politics), but not on any sort of professional level. I’m more an independent scholar.

@AdamF Are you interested in permaculture at all? From your field of study, I suspect that if you haven’t already been exposed to it, you’d really like it.

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@incendiary_dan Although not referred to as such, the general ideology is certainly prevalent in forest ecology. For instance, we recently published a review paper which tied together diversifying managed forest composition and structure, with a variety of potential co-benefits for forest managers and society; including reduced risk of pest outbreak, wind throw, increased biodiveristy retention, etc…

Likewise, emphasis on trying to emulate natural disturbance regimes has been discussed for quite a while. Basically the push is for multi-use forestry, which emphasises more than just production outcomes, and aims for managed forest landscapes with greater diversity in structure, composition and function.

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I’m currently researching my first post-master’s degree paper. I’m interested in EFL learner responses to automated feedback Vs. human-generated feedback on discourse-level features of written text such as paragraph linking adverbs and statements of position.

I couldn’t call myself a scientist by any stretch of the imagination, though – the sample sizes and general sloppiness that necessarily comes with performing studies on real learners would make ‘hard scientists’ and statisticians cringe, and I can’t have a proper double-blind control group as the subjects of the study must be identified in the assessment environment (it’s a 3rd party platform).

I’m more of a data-driven teacher.

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@the100thmonkey I should have been more broad with respect to the question, and opened it to publishing researchers rather than just “scientists”.

What are EFL learner responses?

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I left school when I was 15 years old, I don’t have any kind of dimploma or degree for anything of any kind. But I do watch a lot of scientific documentaries and read a lot of scientific instruction books.

I am interested in physics, particle physics, cosmology, evolution, computing and a few other things, but I am only an amateur.

However, a couple of years ago I stopped watching so many documentaries, and started watching hour long university lectures on youtube and other such places.

I found documentaries to be a little repetitive in what they said, and started researching out of my own choice.

Could I make a real scientist think I know what im talking about? no. But I do know just about enough to make every day people think I’m smarter than I actually am.

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I got published for doing a lot of the lab work directed by a PhD organic chemist. Beyond that, I know a decent amount about general physics, math, molecular biology, and biochemistry.

Good question. Useful to know.

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@AdamF EFL = English as a foreign language.

By learner responses, I mean how (or indeed whether) learners respond to feedback on the language they produce; i.e. whether they correct issues pointed out to them. Provided they do make a correction, I’m generally interested in the nature of the feedback that prompts it – is it adaptive correction where the learner deploys a more appropriate structure without explicit instruction, or guided correction,where the ‘appropriate’ structure is explicitly given by the teacher/computer/assement platform (‘you need to use ‘x’). Is the feedback seeking clarification or is it demonstrably illustrating deficiencies?

This is driven by my impressions of the platform I have to use for assessment as both prescriptive and vague at the same time.

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I’ve been published years ago for my research on pancreatic cancer.

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I’m a physician, not a scientist, but I’ve published several medical articles.

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I’ve had some published articles in geriatric psychiatry.

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I have published a species list of birds of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and contributed to migratory bird counts for Cornell lab of Ornithology.

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@Coloma Nice to meet another birder!

The Cornell lab is fantastic. I did my PhD in Bolivia and couldn’t have succeeded without their extensive library of bird songs/calls as a source.

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Wow! Bolivia! How cool!
My biggest excitement, well one of them, was playing male Western Tanager calls and having a Tanager blowout in my yard! haha

I’m a Waterfowl freak, lol

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We might need to start a twitcher thread… :)

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