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White egg like specks on toddlers bottom, not shaped like pinworms.

Asked by momoftwins81 (8points) May 18th, 2011

My two year old toddler has white egg like specks on anus… about the size of a large flake of black pepper. They are perfectly round and pinworm medicine is not getting rid of them. I know it’s not her diaper flaking off because I can tell the consistency of the diaper gel vs the opaque round dots. We picked up a poop smear kit to collect a sample to be tested at the lab and I will try & collect it today but I am so scared for my little tot & was wondering if anyone has seen this before. They say pinworm eggs are not seen by the naked eye, only under a microscope… anyone else come across this? :(

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No but have you taken her to her peditrician, I know when mine gets all sorts of little fungus’ and stuff from the diaper and medication she’s on I call the doctor and she takes a look and usually knows exactly what it is. I would call her dr and make an appt to see them today. Its usually a quick in and out for the dr to see them for me.

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I don’t know what it would be. In relation to the pin worms though and treatment not working, did you treat all the family? Just a thought.

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Pinworms themselves can be seen. They look like small white bits of very fine thread but they’re shy critters the wriggle back in when disturbed, so the best time to see them is after the baby has been sleeping quietly for a time, then take off the diaper quickly and spread the butt cheeks and go in for a look.

Good idea with the poop smear kit. I hope the labs are reliable.

Is she itching almost unbearably? The itch is usually from a pinworm infection but the oral treatment must be given to the whole household and everything has to be treated to stop reinfection from happening, because the eggs are invisible to the naked eye and can drop in clothes, towels, bedding, diaper changing area and absolutely anything the family comes into contact with.

Is she having regular poos and eating well? Is she running a fever or look yellow-ish in her skin or eyes? Do you use creams or powders on her bottom?

Can you stop using your regular brand of diapers for a while, and perhaps try cloth for a short period and don’t use any creams or powders for a while? If the weather is nice, take her out and let her bottom air for a while and see if she picks or scratches at it and cries as she does so.

If she’s been eating and pooping regularly and not running any fever I’d make major changes to her diaper routine for a few days and try to see if it goes away. Lotions and powders can look pretty funky after being smooshed between the hot butt cheeks of a bouncy baby. Lotions and powders can also contain loads of stuff kids develop allergies to.

If your child is experiencing any discomfort, loss of appetite or sleep, exhibiting signs of distress, take her to the doctor or family clinic as soon as you can. If this is just something funky you see in her diaper… change your diapering routine for a day and see if it goes away.

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I am having the same issue with my 2 year old. When i told the dr. she just put him on pin worm meds but it didnt work. Let me know what you find out!

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THanks Cazzie, great advice but no creams or powders are used. As for seeing the actual worm I have seen one & one only. I will let you know Sbmartin4268 when I get the results back.

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It is possible that your baby keeps getting reinfected from some source. Everything has to be washed and cleaned. It’s a real pain, but the cycle has to be broken.

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Did you ever get an answer as to what happened? I’m seeing the same thing on my toddler.

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