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How do you feel your favourite animal would react if you tickled it's bum with a feather?

Asked by ucme (50037points) May 18th, 2011

Startled, offended, aroused, mildly amused or a different response altogether? I mean, there’s no way of knowing, which way we are going….oops, Willy Wonka just popped into my head, do forgive me. So yeah, tickling wildlife….will it ever catch on? No animals were hurt or mistreated at the time of this questions birth =0)

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My pussycat would quickly turn around and be surprised to see no one who did it.

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Unless it is a bald-ass chicken,it wouldn’t know.;)

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My favorite animal is a polar bear and I’m pretty sure one half of me would be lunch and the rest would be dinner.

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My dog would look lazily around and if it continued would bite at the feather.

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I don’t know whether a feather would really do much underwater. Or if a sea turtle’s bum is ticklish enough for it to notice. If it got mad, I’d have to run away very slooooowly.

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Aww, thanks for taking the time to answer this drivel…...question….right first time, drivel!
See I have a problem. One of my fave animals are hyenas. Now, aside from gnawing my arm off elbow deep, i’m sure they would chuckle just a bit, surely XD

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Max would see it as playtime and attack the feather
<——Catgut would bat around the feather and the feather would most likely get the best of him

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@DrBill That’s one mighty fine pussy you got there sir. Do you know Oprah?
Actually it looks like it would take a javelin poked about it’s nether regions to get a reaction out of “megakitty!”

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Catgut is always looking for a reason to play, with anything, or nothing. Sometimes he will attack sunbeams on the floor. And don’t even get a laser pointer.

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I imagine a lion would give my hand a good swipe and roar loudly.

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I wouldn’t be caught dead tickling my MIL arse!

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@Cruiser Let me guess, it’s her who wears the “strap-on feather duster” while you play the “victim” right? Thought so, they do love to dominate, bless their beautiful hides.

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Don’t have a pet right now but wondering what @noelleptc will do if I tickle her tummy with a feather?

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@noelleptc Well yeah, I’d figured you are a more of a Rawr-er than a Purr-er. (Rawrr back)

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Penguins are very ticklish and would enjoy it at first, but after the first couple minutes they would get mad and beat me with a dead fish.

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Milo here; Gail would be thrilled to have me take notice of her, even in a demeaning way.

(Its and not it’s, which means it is, still.)

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Proof for @erichw1504 ‘s statement.

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@gailcalled That’s right, you keep me right dear. I mean that by the way ;¬}

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My favorite animal, a sloth, I think would not react at all. Probably would not feel it. If it did react, I imagine it would smile and slowly swing it’s arm towards me, which would make me collapse with happiness and laughter.

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