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So on a scale from 1-10, how cool is it for your step-parent to give you no warning that some guy is going to enter your room while you are deep in sleep & naked?

Asked by everephebe (11591points) May 18th, 2011

She was on the phone and didn’t think to tell the guy that I was sleeping in my room. By the way she doesn’t know this guy at all.

Also my door is really hard to open without making a huge noise, that sounds like you just knocked the whole damn door down. So I was on my feet after the door opened and I was naked. It surprised me.

10 is, “That’s fine and totally normal.”
5 is, “I don’t knock either, why are you supposed to?”
1 is, “Not cool man, really not cool.”

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Glad that you didn’t have a case of morning wood. :)

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@Jude Yeah, that would have been awkward.

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Definitely a one for me. Now, if it were a hot lady busting down my door, that’d be an 11.

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Totally not cool, man. But thanks for the mental image.

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In my house the rule always was and is, if a door is closed, knock before entering. Who the hell just walks into someone else’s room without knocking when the door is closed?

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@JLeslie Totally with you on that. I get really pissed if someone enters any room without knocking
I’d say on the scale of 1—10 this sitch would be a 1.

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I freak out when anyone sees me naked unless I want that person to. It would be way worse I was sneak-attack naked (if that makes any sense; that’s what I’d call your situation), so this would definitely be a 1 for me. What did you say to the guy after he saw you? I imagine that this must’ve been rather awkward and I can only imagine how I would’ve handled it…Screaming and throat punching the guy…

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Why was he sent to your room? Best view of the morgue? Was he looking for your stash? Is the toilet in there? Repossessing your skateboard?

Since I don’t know, I’m going to guess he presented himself as a friend of yours, and she sent him to your room, not knowing you were asleep. In that case, it’s no worse than a 3 on her part (unless she could suss out that he wasn’t what he appeared to be). His not knocking – very rude or very clever, depending on motive

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If he did that to me he would have found himself staring down the wrong way of a barrel.

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@6rant6 He was checking the fire alarms. If he didn’t immediately say who he was and what he was doing, startled as I was, I would have punched him. He had no idea that anyone else was home, and I’m sure he got that impression from my step-mom. Who knew I was home and likely asleep. He barged straight into my room, my door gets stuck on the threshold, so you have to force it open. It’s loud. I woke to the bang of my door opening, and a stranger walking in. It was not pleasant. All she had to do is tell him someone else was home. Or let me know he was coming, in a few minutes. It’s pretty obvious that my room is a bedroom. She must have told him no one else was home, but I know for sure that she knew I was. Weird huh?

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EDIT: Maybe you shouldn’t sleep naked if you live with people you wouldn’t want to see you naked or if there is even a slight chance that someone could come in and see you naked that you wouldn’t want seeing you naked?

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In my opinion that’s really bad parenting. I’d never allow strangers in the house around my stepkids.

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1! Protest. Ask for a lock for your room.

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1 That isn’t acceptable.

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I still don’t see why he wouldn’t knock. Closed bedroom door…

You say, “She must have told him no one was home.” But it’s just as easy to think he was hoping to get what he got. Why would she LIE? Next thing you’ll be imputing that she put up flyers for people to come to your home and pretend to check out fire alarms and punk a nekid kid.

This is a property management person, I imagine? So he ought to have some experience – and know to knock or not according to his objective. Never hurts to knock if no one is in the room.

And it isn’t necessarily your stepmother’s fault. Was she, by chance, drunk off her ass? That would certainly explain her forgetting you were home.

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-1. That’s some really bad parenting. Get a lock, and talk to her about appropriate boundaries.

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Less than zero. Most uncool.

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