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Gents: what's your trouser action at the urinal?

Asked by robmandu (21275points) May 18th, 2011

You’re wearing trousers with a belt and shirt tucked in. At the urinal, do you…

1. just unzip?
2. unzip and unbuckle?
3. unzip, unbuckle, and untuck?
4. drop trou’ to your knees and go full monty?

And why, if you please (especially if you’re #4)? I see it from time-to-time and just don’t get the rationale.

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Just unzip here.

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1. just unzip.

I don’t understand the need to do anything else. I’ve witnessed other guys do number 3. Seems like too much work when you can just unzip and pull out through the hole in your boxers/whitey tighties.

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Another for the unzip crowd.

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If i am in time to, i unzip.

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5. strip naked and go full newborn

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Number 1, because it’s the quickest and easiest.

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Unzip & unbuckle every time for me. I mean, we’re talking about unleashing the hose here, not a leaky straw. Give myself some working room here ;¬}

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0. nothing, I’m just that good.

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All the way to the ankles! (I’ve actually done that before but only to embarrass friends and others at the urinal or if I enter and am alone that way if someone walks in, they get that sort of shock like “Is this for real?!”.)

Normally, I unbuckle, unzip and get everything out of the way. I don’t want to accidently wind up with piss on any part of my clothing.

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@Randy “No matter how you shake and dance, the last few drops fall on your pants.”

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Number 4. My ass has to breathe.

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I unzip and unbuckle so I can re-tuck my shirt in.

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You forgot the step where you either answer the phone or reply to a text or email on your phone.

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I have never seen anyone pull down their pants in a public rest room. Don’t know about unbuckling. I tend to mind my own business. Anyway, it seems to me that keeping buckled is the best way to keep pee from going the wrong place. The more you pull down, the more there is to catch an errant stream.

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wundy, I didn’t recognize you there for a minute.

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For the first couple of months after prostate surgery I was #4. The incontinence pad was in the way. I always did it in the stall. Never at the urinal.

Now I’m #1. (Whew!)

Over the years I had wondered about that too. Now I know.

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I drop my pants and my underwear down to my feet and let out a fart

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I’m usually not wearing pants, so I just pop it out of my boxers and let it roll from 3 feet away.

My aim has gotten better since I accidentally hit this burly guy in the back one time.

I still have the bruises.

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I put on a pair of goggles first, then strip down to my bare ass while singing Girls just want to have fun by Cindy Lauper.

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First I get out my magnifying glass, then my tweezers and I’m good to go.

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@erichw1504 You wrote. “I just unzip. I don’t understand the need to do anything else.”

I didn’t either until I was “blessed” with the need to wear a pee pad for a while. Now I get it!
You’ll never know how much you value being able to write your name in the snow until you can’t.

Now I can write my first AND last name. I want to show my friends but rules of decorum prohibit doing so by anyone sober or over the age of 20.

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I do 4 because I don’t want any delicate protuberances to get caught in metal teeth. But I go into a stall for privacy, so you would never see me do it.

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Unzip, then over the top of the underwear (tightie whities).
I am curious if anyone uses the front hatch.

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Unclasp belt. (Not strictly necessary, and an extra step, but makes the rest easier and less awkward.)
Unzip/unhook. (Necessary.)
Part shirttails. (Shirt should be out of the way of all sub-underwear operations.)
Lower front of briefs. (Hatch is ridiculous.)

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I find this all quite fascinating.

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Just unzip…

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Thanks for a good laugh men.

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I usually unzip and unbuckle because, for some reason, it’s never lined up right. Maybe I wear my pants too high, or something…

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lurk, lurk.

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