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Who is the last cylon?

Asked by jlacombe (169points) April 24th, 2008

my guess is… i really don’t know

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Laura Roslin (the President).

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If it is her, why her assistant is also a cylon, it is not redondant ?

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I’m torn between Starbuck & Baltar. Leaning towards Baltar. When will all be revealed?? I love this show!!!

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I am dying to know the answer to this too. Remember when Deanna was in the temple and saw the final five and said “you…I’m sorry”? That makes me think that it’s going to be somebody that she personally did something to. I can’t decide who that is, though. I’d be really surprised if it was Baltar, but not if it was Starbuck.

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I’ve toyed with the idea that it’s Adama. But that would mean Apollo was also one or somehow his memories manipulated. At least I think. I’ve also been trying to think of a “smaller” character that comes back in a big way.

And what’s going on with Hera?? And why can’t they use her blood to cure the president again??

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Callie. She’ll resurrect in one of the creches.

Starbuck is a hybrid like Hera, her father is Leoben.

Deanna apologized to Tigh, for his right eye being cut out.

Seriously, I am SO right on the 2nd two of these theories. (We’ll see about the 1st) You can ALL buy me a beer when it’s revealed.

= P

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ohhh that’s good @amurph. Starbuck being a hybrid makes sense. I keep getting the feeling that there will be something very special about the final cylon, mystic special. Callie doesn’t feel “supernatural” enough. I can’t wait to see what happens. Do you think they will find Earth??

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Callie is gone so it’s not Callie. I know I’ve tossed around the idea that it’s Adama too. Then again it could be Apollo. Heck it could just be Starbuck, or, or, or, or BLAH!!!!!!!!

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What about the last cylon being Zareck or a ressurected Billy ?

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Well we know Starbuck will cause the end of all mankind as stated by the Hybrid in Razor who knew a lot more than he should. So I think her. Plus she as already been resurrected from the dead we all saw her die and the ship she came back in was a new ship. If its not miss Thrace then it makes no sense. Plus she as been drawing that symbol since she was a child. She’s a Cylon for sure, what else could she possibly be.. Hybrids live in water and control base ships not walk around, they are an hybrid of flesh and machine so no she isnt one of them.

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@mykill: Then what would you call Hera and now Chief’s & Callie’s baby? They’re half human; half cylon??

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