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What should you confess?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33256points) May 18th, 2011

My confession is that I don’t like the show “Glee,” and I’m gay.

What confession do you wish to release?

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Aww, do I have to?

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@JilltheTooth : How about if I tickle you under your knees?

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OK! OK! hee hee I’ll talk! I’ll talk! hee hee hee I lie to mother every Saturday morning to get off the phone. I figure it’s better than simply saying “I can’t stand talking to you, so I’m hanging up, now.” Now all the Jellies who aver that lying is wicked can have at me.

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There’s more to me than appears on Fluther.

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I confess I am still in my bathrobe at 2:42 p.m. lol
I am showered with wild, wild hair, but, not feeling good today. I occasionally get up and
wander around my house aimlessly for a few minutes as if this act will somehow spur me into some action, but, so far it is not working. lol

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I can’t think of anything, is that a good thing?

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I don’t know where to begin….

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I confess that this image makes me quite moist XD
I jest of course, Dom Deluise is waaaay sexier! ;¬}

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I confess I’m hoping that my doctor’s office can’t get me in for my next appointment until Monday so I can avoid the possibility of being induced on Friday. My doctor really wants me in on Friday though to see if they need to do the induction, but I have plans this weekend (one of which includes getting the last few things I need to be ready for the baby to come). I have a feeling my husband won’t let me try to wait until Monday though.

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@Seaofclouds : My goodness, has it been that long already? Best of luck.

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@hawaii_jake Thanks! Almost time… I’ll be 36 weeks this weekend, but they discovered today that my amniotic fluid is low, so they need to recheck it and if it gets any lower, they’ll induce me. So it could be anytime between now and 5 weeks from now.

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I touch myself while reading some Fluther threads.

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I confess I wish life came with at least one do-over….

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Sometimes I’ll use the salad fork instead of the dessert fork. Or is it the dinner fork instead of the salad fork? Or maybe it’s the runcible spoon.

Under the orange tree, of course.

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I confess, I got dressed, and am now having some killer Pino Noir. lol

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I’ve done “it” a few times in my kitchen :S

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—@Seaofclouds : Friday? Like tomorrow Friday? Wow…

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@JilltheTooth Yes, possibly tomorrow Friday. :) I’m hoping not though and that little man can stay in a bit longer. Still waiting to make the appointment.

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wow. Just wow.

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Of course they had openings for tomorrow morning. :) So we’ll see what happens. I’m still hoping we don’t need an induction tomorrow.

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I hate Star Trek.

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@zen I like Star Trek but I don’t like Top Gear or In The Night Garden

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