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How old are you?

Asked by oddrax (145points) April 24th, 2008

I’m 18

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66…how old are you?

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59, and just getting to figure things out.

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Old enough not to answer that question.

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Im younger than oddrax, but mature many years beyond my age.

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@ skifinkel yes old enough, ...

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Consider me the crone who throws the Bell Curve off.

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A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells…........but since neither applies to me, I’ll go with: 21 (for the 12th year running)

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For 60 earlier fluther answers, check out, from a month ago, when the diggers arrived: How old are you?

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20, anyone born after 1987 trips me out for some reason…...

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20 for 31 more days

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38 years and 6 days old…

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17 for another five months.

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19, birthday is in May Though! yay!

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Turning 40 in August….can’t wait. It seemed old when I graduated high school in 87, but not anymore.

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Jaded88: I just made your non-creepy list by nine days.

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I may be the youngest user on Fluther…

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so im the youngest!

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@Sleuth: Dang man, I thought I had everyone… I’m more mature :O

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o.k. you may have me there but i still have my youth

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19 going on 30

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I’m not extremely mature, I play Guitar Hero 3 every time I’m bored, so…

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14… but i’ll be 15 in two weeks :D

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less than 60 and I think you are young!!! Enjoy your young days..:)

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still the youngest!

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Thats not something I’d advertise. You seem to be acting very juvenile in other questions…

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I am not juvenile. I am simply trying to add a little humor to this hot night I am not trying to be childish. Trust me, you don’t want to see my chilidish side

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23 for another 14 days

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19, almost 20.

Sorry for the out-of-date response, but I was about to ask the same question, but decided to search for it first.

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