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If you were a character from Lord of the Rings, who would you want to be?

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) May 19th, 2011

Gender doesn’t matter…or the ladies would not have many choices. Please give your reasons why…

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I never watched it. So my answer is Pikachu.

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I love Picachu!

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I’d want to be Arwen in general, but in regards to the movie I’d definitely want to be Arwen, so that I could kiss Viggo Mortenson.

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Arwen is a good choice, but I prefer Eowyn. I’ve always envisioned myself as a warrior maiden, who want to go and fight alongside the men. (And hey, she gets Faramir in the movie…not too shabby…) She also kills the WitchKing, so move over Arwen…

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In an assertivity course i once took i was asked to play a piece of rock and i was pretty good at it.
So, a rock please.

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I would totally be an Ent.

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Beorn. A shapeshifting vegetarian; totally in character for me!

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Ah, Beorn, @crisw…hopefully he won’t get left out of the new movie of The Hobbit. He wasn’t on the record I had as a kid, or in the animated version, but I always liked him…

@rebbel…Which rock? One thrown at the spiders in The Hobbit? A rock making up Mount Doom? A melted rock flowing from the top of Mount Doom in the form of lava? (This could be an action packed role, depending on your choice…I’m just saying…)

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Uncle Fester

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Anyone got a pretzel?….....cough…splutter..wheeze!

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Yeah. I understand he’ll be in the movie. He isn’t really LOTR, but I had to say him :>)

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Tom Bombadil! (one of the most hated characters in the series)

He’s just some bearded hippie dude, wandering through the forest, playing with animals and taking in nature. He’s so unconcerned with the bigger issues of the world that the One Ring has no effect on him.

That sounds like the life for me…

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I like him too. But he was a lot more than you let on… What, exactly, Tom Bombadil was is one of the most heated debates in Tolkien fandom. Even more than rather Balrogs have wings :>D

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I’ve never seen it but I just learned Enya’s song (for an audition), May It Be, which was in the movie. It’s a lovely song! So maybe I can be Enya?

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Eowyn. I dig hot chicks with swords.

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I’d want to be one of the elf people who live in Rivendell. That’s such a beautiful place.

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@crisw Yay! I’m glad they’re not leaving out Beorn…

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Being now but a mere diseased shadow of my former glory, I stalk in the darkness, screeching like a freak, and my woes and hate are felt by all who hear my symphony of the night…I’m totally a Nazgul.

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The Witch King, so badass in the books, even gets Gandalf to tremble in fear.

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Another vote for Eowyn

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All sorts of immortal but still enjoying a good toke. Good on him.

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Sam .. love his loyalty and fierce defense of friendship

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@drdoombot I love Tom Bombadil. I was really disappointed that he wasn’t in the movie. In fact it sucks that the whole Old Forest part was excluded. I can kind of understand that, given what the movie was going for. While it’s never explained what he is, most folk in Middle Earth describe him as the oldest being that’s ever existed. Although they could have prolly worked around that and included him in the movie, given that Tom has decided to restrain his entire powers to his domain. But maybe the whole forest part might have been too long.

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@Symbeline I think literature allows room for diversions and musings that might not be crucial to the plot, whereas film is completely unforgiving in this respect. The character of Tom Bombadil added a lot to the mythology and depth of the world of Middle Earth, but not much to the plot. The only thing Bombadil added to the quest of Hobbits was the weapons he gave them, a role easily handed over to Aragorn in the movies.

I would have loved to have seen a deleted scene with Bombadil, but I don’t think they even bothered to film it.

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I think you hit the nail on the head with that, big time. Didn’t think about it much, but it makes total sense. I was too concentrated on how awesome Tom is in the books that I didn’t realize he really didn’t much of anything important. Even Frodo took care of those wraiths on his own, pretty much. :/

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