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If selling a house, and making a profit, would it be worth while to wait for next year with a lower working income, or does it not matter?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) June 11th, 2007
I will be selling my house (owned for 30+ years) and hope to make a good profit. I will also work less beginning in January. Would it make sense to defer the final sale of the house until next year when my income will drop, or is this house sale separate from earned income--as far as taxes go?
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Your situation is complicated by not having lived in the house for part of the last 5 yrs, and having been married for much of the 30 years. Here's a site; but you need to talk to a CPA or local attorney for fine tuning. Profit (after you deduct the one-time $250,000 is considered capital gain.
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Thanks. That was a useful reference.

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