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Have you ever had a "supernatural" experience, and could you explain it away?

Asked by Knotmyday (7516points) July 24th, 2008

Bigfoot walks. “Nessie” surfaces. Ghost trains vanish. A little dog barks outside a door, and the occupant of the room passes away. Footsteps are heard in an empty hall.
Vincent Price narrates.

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My parents lived in a couple of haunted houses. Long ago, not recent. It’s not like they see crazy all the time everywhere. They tell some freaky stories about those places.

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(don’t you guys have day jobs?)

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(Yes, but we ignore them. Admittedly, at our peril.)

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I’ve had both “super” and “natural” experiences…....even some that seem out of this world. But no ghosts :(

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(its called forgetting your on acid) just joking, The lord works in mysterious ways.

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Once I was doing a photo shoot in an old theatre, as I was loading my equipment I turned around to make sure I had everything and saw a figure of a skinny old man in black with short silver hair. It was only there a second then vanished. Who knows what it was… Ghost? Brain burp?.... What ever it was it’s never happened again….

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Yep, a (whatever it was) used to sit in my bed when I was sleeping until I coursed it, and it didn’t happen enymore… + many other experiences

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Yeah, but it was just DMT elves. No biggie.

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