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Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, ESP, psychics or any other supernatural phenomena?

Asked by jca (36059points) October 1st, 2011

Do you believe in ghosts, ESP, spirits (of deceased people), psychics or anything else that’s considered part of the supernatural?

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Seeing is believing, and as I have never seen myself, it makes it hard to believe.

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I think there are events and phenomena that happen and as of right now are beyond scientific explanation. The supernatural are basically things that haven’t been either proven or debunked yet.

While I think the yeti and the Loch Ness monster are hooey, I remember reading an article about gorillas being brushed off as a mythical monster by most of the learned scientific community. I am just about 100% certain Nessie will never be found, but there are many supernatural things that wouldn’t surprise me if 50 years down the road at least one or two of them get discovered and taken as a proven scientific fact.

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Occasionally I fiddle around with Tarot cards, but it’s more a form of meditation and self-reflection for me. I don’t harbor any belief that they are “foreshadowing” or “revealing” anything on their own.

My husband, on the other hand, woo.
He has a story about seeing the ghost of his best friend’s father while showering in the bathroom in which the guy died – a story he didn’t know until discussing the “vision” with his friend’s mom.
Since the whole thing took place 15 years before I met him, I am not qualified to comment.

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I used to believe it that stuff, even occasionally deluding myself into thinking I’d had some sort of mystical or supernatural experience, but on being reflective and honest with myself, no I don’t have any reason to believe it that stuff.

But like @Seek_Kolinahr , I know people that have told me stories that have convinced them of supernatural existence. I don’t have an explanation for what happened to them since I wasn’t there, but I’m naturally skeptical that there likely is a common, explainable reason for the occurrence.

I definitely agree there are plenty of things we don’t know about the universe though. Maybe there are weird intersections with higher dimensions that distort space-time for an odd moment or two here and there. I can’t test it.

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No proof.

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Not so far. Hope springs eternal.

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definitely because I’ve had freaky stuff happen to me that could not be explained away due to the fact I was by myself when the stuff happened. Plus my next door neighbor’s house is haunted which is where one of the events happened to me.I believe some people are truly born with the ’‘gift’’ while others are just frauds and out for your money.

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Man, if only I did and could prove it. I could win a million dollars.

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I have been in a room of complete strangers to hear a medium speak. She spoke directly to me and described the contents of my what-not drawer in detail down to the fact that I had my deceased grandmother’s 85-year-old wristwatch in it. This woman and everyone else in the room were complete strangers to me.

I have been reading tarot cards for 16 years. I have seen them do quite amazing things from simply revealing the psychology of the questioner at the moment to revealing potentialities to having verified predictions prove true. I have read cards for people through email so I knew absolutely nothing other than the question. 95% of the time, the questioners tell me that I was absolutely correct in my descriptions of them, and their past and present circumstances. All I do is relay the information in the cards.

I have seen 2 ghosts in my life.

I have had my suspicions about a past life of mine confirmed by 3 separate psychics at 3 entirely unrelated times.

At the same time, I am not religious. I do not believe in the traditional notion of god. In fact, I sometimes wonder if all this can’t be explained logically, but then some other weird occurrence will pop up and dispel that.

I do not proselytize my views to anyone. I see no need to. I am a questioner, and I marvel at the universe we live in. I love science, and I am fascinated when it makes new discoveries. I also feel that there is something more than what we can see with our eyes or measure with our scientific instruments.

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I believe in the supernatural and I believe that some people are gifted when it comes to having psychic abilities etc. However, I also think the majority of people claiming to have psychic abilities are actually con artists.

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Of course not.

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Absolutely not.

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The guy in this footage made me wonder.

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@lloydbird What you’re seeing is a classic example of an idiomotor effect. Nothing magical about that.

For the fire thing, he faked it. He palmed something that was lit, like a lit charcoal and surrounded it by newspaper. Notice how he’s the only one who holds it. I’d be willing to bet a million dollars that if someone else crumpled up the newspaper and put it in front of him, with him not allowing to touch it, it wouldn’t light.

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I have seen the spirits of loved ones I have lost. I have used the Tarot cards to get in touch with the universal consciousness & have revealed things that turned out to be true. My Mother could also do this & my daughter can do this & my son can do this. Believe or not, it does not matter – I know what I have seen when my lost loved ones reached out to me after they were gone.

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Meh… I don’t know?

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