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What does that word mean, anyway?

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People hate what they don’t understand!

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Because that’s your own opinion and because you can?

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Are you asking us to read your mind?

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I think most people intuitionally dislike pretentiousness, no matter what form it takes, eh?

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I hear it applied more frivolously than “punk” and god knows there is 1000+ interpretations of what that means. Hipster to one, means something else to another. Maybe you dislike cookie-cutter, walking American Apparel ads (not that I don’t sprinkle some of their garments in my wardrobe). Without even knowing you (based on your choice of topics), I would say it could be the lack of true creativity combined with the insecurity-backed snobbery that is annoying.
Personally, though, I think the word is stupid and way to general to really represent anything, but that is my take on it. Perhaps I don’t know the true definition.

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anoop, what is a “hipster” to you?
Peedub- you couldnt of said it any better my man!

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ahh YES! another stereotype. love it :)

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Are hipsters the new yuppies?

I tend to be more annoyed by a individual person rather than an entire group. I try hard not to judge all because of a few.
@anoop, what about them annoys you so much?

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does hipster have something to do with fixed gear bikes?

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Aren’t hipsters those low-cut jeans that accent your love handles and upper-buttish regions? Maybe they’re annoying because you can’t sit down in an open-backed chair without looking like the daughter of the son of a plumber (or is THAT a stereotype?).

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i think the word ‘hipster’ just implies that someone prides themselves on being hipper than you. that’s pretty annoying.

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