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How do you sit on a toilet while wearing a bathrobe?

Asked by sferik (6121points) August 4th, 2007

Do you disrobe? Where do you put the bathrobe?

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You don't. You take it off first!

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If you take it off, where do you put it? What if you're in a very small bathroom with no hooks or racks?

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As a female, I do the same as when wearing a skirt and hike it up and gol the excess in my lap.

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I love this question. Just for asking, you know what you have to try? You have to at least try to put on heels and lipstick to see if, when you approach the toilet, everything becomes clear.

If it doesn't, here is what I do. In full dresses, I scoop up the material in one hand (as I am beginning to sit down) and drape it in my lap once I am situated. If the dress is full-full, then with two hands, I scoop the material into my lap from either hip.

Let me know, do the heels help?

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Be sure you know where the cord is, when you sit down. Those cords are tricky. You know, you think they’re tied, and it’s all no big deal, but no no, you got to watch out for them!

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