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Have you experienced a wonderful physical sensation recently, other than a visual one?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) May 27th, 2011

It has just started to rain – and it’s late May here in the sunny Middle East. We don’t get much rain between May and September, if any. So it was quite a treat – the sound, and especially the smell of a clean, new day suprisingly washed away by God’s tears.

Okay, I waxed a little poetic. But I am far, far from a visual person for various reasons. I have the sense of smell of a German Shepherd, and read between the lines most of the time, figuratively and literally. I really hear music, and I hear music even when there isn’t music.

A waft of perfume, the aroma of fresh baked bread for me are the rainbows of those who aren’t sight-challenged.

So for me, the rain was something special, extra-ordinary.

Have you had an extra-ordinary experience of your own recently – or not so recently – that involved one of the other senses?

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I went out into the middle of a cornfield in a heavy thunderstorm/high winds. That made my nipples hard. I was pelted with rain and absolutely soaking wet.

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I’ve had a difficult few days. Today I ran to the point of exhaustion, then came inside and did a session with my weights until my muscles burned and my mind started to go hazy. As I cooled down, I put on Pink Floyd. Hearing those beautiful, relaxing tones contrasting to the pain all through my body was something truly special.

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Were you feeling comfortably numb?

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Giving birth to my son yesterday was quite a wonderful physical sensation (once you get past the painful part). Hearing him cry was an amazingly beautiful hearing sensation. And getting to hold him last night (he’s in the NICU) and smelling the smell of the baby soap, were wonderful too.

Of course, seeing him was amazing too, but since you said besides visual, I’ll just add that one down here. ;)

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I hurt my back the other day. I took an Alleve, and laid down. The physical relief from pain when I got up after 20 minutes and was able to walk pain-free was enormous and noteworthy.

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Congratulations @Seaofclouds! Very exciting news!

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Sinking into my freshly cleaned hot tub the other night, after it being empty for the last few weeks.

Oooh, the muscles sooo got off on that! lol

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I smell the honeysuckle and the other flowers around…absolutely wonderful.

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@zen Quite Comfortably Numb, after having One of My Turns!

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