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Anyone have ears that crackle like rice crackles?

Asked by tan235 (877points) May 29th, 2011

It started out with an ear infection about 8 months ago, ever since then my ears crackle but only when I swallow or yawn, or I can make them do it by doing those things.
I also have buzzing too now. I went to two Doctors and they said my ears looked fine and healthy. Beautiful in fact.
I went to an ENT who said he couldn’t see anything, but I’m sure he didn’t look ‘into’ my middle ear, if that’s even possible.
Now I’m scared it’s a tumor growing in my ear.
Does anyone else have this?
Does anyone know what it is?

As an after thought I notice it more when my sinuses are blocked.

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After a plane trip last year, I lost probably 80% of my hearing for a couple weeks (maybe the plane trip was a coincidence). Ever since then, my ears do exactly as you describe.

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wow @Ivan, really?
that’s crazy did you go to a Dr?
Do you need to pop them all the time, it’s driving me crazy.

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Oh my gosh I’ve totally had that happen but not for a while.It only happens when my ears get clogged with water like if I’ve been swimming. I had to pop all the water out so I could hear well again. When my ears were filled with water everything sounded faint.

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@tan235 It’s not a tumor! Said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. One of my ears does that a lot and it’s never been diagnosed. I just live with it.

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Yes, it happens to me. I hate it, it’s a terrible feeling. I’ve had trouble with my ears most of my life, but this has never been something that was chalked up to a particular issue. It tends to come and go now, but it is an awful sensation, so I feel for you.

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Without being a doctor, I would suggest that if something is happening on both ears, it is probably not a tumor. But, you can always get an MRI if you want to know for sure what is going on. Meanwhile, have you heard of tinnitus? It’s a ringing in the ears when nothing outside is really ringing.

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Yes, I do. And like you, it took going to several doctors, including ENTs to get it diagnosed as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. See if the symptoms apply to you.

The good news is that it is fairly common and isn’t caused by a brain tumor. The common cause, according to one doctor, is scarring of the eustachian tube from scar tissue caused by ear infections as a child. The scar tissue narrows the tube and creates an opportunity for fluid build-up.

The bad news is that there isn’t a cure. You could have tubes implanted, but because the eustachian tube straightens out as we grow, it is more likely to come out. Otherwise, it is a matter of taking a decongestant or antihistamine when the fluid starts building up and going to a doctor when it becomes really bad.

Once I gave up flying every week, it started to get better.It also helps not to be in a location where the barometric pressure doesn’t change drastically.

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