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What are some amazing movies about slavery in the South ?

Asked by EtherRoom (387points) May 30th, 2011

I don’t say amazing about it, but what are some good movies that deals with slavery or the south? Besides Gone with the Wind and the Color Purple.

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- Amistad
– Goodbye Uncle Tom
– Buffalo Soldiers

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Any version of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“Amazing Grace” is about Wilberforce who ended slavery in the British empire.



“The Journey of August King”

“Birth of a Nation”

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

“So Red the Rose”

“Santa Fe Trail”

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Not exactly a movie, but an amazing collection of actual voice recordings of former slaves in America. It should be mandatory in public schools to read the transcripts and listen to these stories:

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@marinelife Mandingo is a terrible, terrible movie. I remember watching that and just laughing out loud in the theater.

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@filmfann I read the book, which was also terrible. But it does show another side to things.

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Amistad was the first movie that came to mind. It was an amazing movie but I could never watch it again. I guess I’m too sensitive; it hurts my heart just to think of it :( But if you can handle the truth (ha ha I didn’t mean to say it the A Few Good Men way), it was a really powerful film. @bkcunningham, I totally agree. I think I actually watched Amistad in high school. Same teacher that took us all to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Smart lady.

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@jetblondie – Amistad is about slavery ? Is that the movie where they are on the boat ?? Thanks !

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Glory is a good movie, but a bit graphic. My 7th grade history teacher showed it to us and got in trouble.

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@EtherRoom: From what I recall, it was about both. La Amistad (how ironic that it means “friendship” in Spanish) was the boat that “transported” (I don’t know if that word conveys the horrors those people went through…) the slaves from Africa to the U.S. There may have been another stop in there somewhere but at some point it came to the U.S. and that’s where they were sold into slavery. I’m sorry my memory is so bad that I don’t remember details, but that’s the nuts and bolts, anyway.

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I think most good slavery movies are quite graphic. Maybe it’s just me ..but I don’t like it when movie producers try to sugar coat slavery.
In saying that, it shouldn’t be as graphic for family/children themed ones; however, not too cutesy I find that takes away from the true history of slavery.

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