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What is a great family activity with grown children and grandkids?

Asked by dithibodeaux (108points) April 25th, 2008

So far our favorite activity is skiing. Any other fav activites that everyone in the family really enjoys?

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I love it when my family and friends go on camping trips together. There is nothing quite like enjoying the good old outdoors!

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white water rafting.

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Camping is great! How old are the kids?

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Cooking or baking!

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Ditto on camping.

Also swimming and bbqing.

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kids 21 & 18 & older, grandkids 3 to 8 yr.

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A day at an amusement park would be fun. Or maybe a waterpark.

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maybe a group art project, like a collage or mural. or playing dress-up. or playing with bubbles – it’s fun to make those really giant ones and have kids go running after them…

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We enjoy hiking together. Even with young kids, just strap em on your back….good workout for sure!

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You could tour New Orleans Garden district together or take some other guided tour. Here’s a site with sugesstions:

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Charity work – help with a cause you feel passionate about and teach your children and grandchildren about helping others.

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ok, good answers so far…but the one to combine the best of all ages and interests has to be geocaching. We’ve gone with kids as young as 4 and and as old as 64. It adds some purpose to your wanderings and it makes you feel like a spy! link

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