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Print Inventory Software?

Asked by metadog (378points) April 25th, 2008

Hi! My company has a ton of print pieces that need to be tracked (brochures, data sheets, fliers, folders, etc.). I am trying to put together a system for managing the process. It would be nice if someone had already put this together in an affordable software package. Any ideas?


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From personal opinion I think a centralized Database Management System would be a solution. That would required to hire somebody to do it.

There might be some DBMS software for a use like this, but even if there is, there would be some heavy tinkering so that it would be needed to accommodate your case.

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Yes ask your printer if they can provide this service for you; many companies offer a platform that allows you to manage and track all of these items on line. Dataguide link has a system called Point’N Click that tracks every release, provides real time inventory information and allows you to order and proof items on line. The system also captures cost center information for every release which can save your accounting department a ton of time when trying to allocate costs. The best feature is the ability to dump all your historical data into a spreadsheet so you can manipulate it any way you want.

Buying software or trying to develope your own will cost a lot more than working with someone that can provide exactly what you need at minimal cost. Check them out at and ask for a demo of their Point’N Click system I think you’ll find it provides just what you’re looking for.

Good luck

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