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Trailer Music: Ironman?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 25th, 2008

The music in this trailer sounds very familiar but I can’t quite name it…..the vocals sound like Sammy Hagar. Can someone help me out?

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Uhh, the trailer for Iron Man I saw was playing the song Iron Man, by Black Sabbath. (So that’d be Ozzy Osbourne)

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That’s Ozzy?? sounds so different…..but Black Sabbath would make sense because I was sure I recognised the guitar.

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No problem, I love black sabbath so I would know his voice anywhere. =)

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The fullscreen trailer starts with “Back In Black” by AC/DC, segues into “Cochise” by Audioslave (which is the only one with lyrics) and then into part of “Ironman” by Black Sabbath (with no lyrics).

I think “Cochise” is the most likely candidate based on your description. The lyrics are something along the lines of “Go and save yourself. Take it out on me.”

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Thank you!

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Not the one I saw, it was the full Iron Man song along with lyrics.

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I’m thinking of the one on the link in my Q…....I think soundedfury nailed it, at least the intro did sound like back in black, but wasn’t sure…

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Good answers, I heard iron man too .

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The voice is Chris Cornell’s. Formerly from Soundgarden, he and Tom Morello and most of the rest of Rage against the Machines formed Audioslave. They broke up fairly recently, and I’m pretty sure rage and soundgarden are both back together.

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rage is touring with zero plans of recording.

rumor is soundgarden next coachella, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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I just saw Ironman!!! It was awesome! Not only was the action great, but the storyline was very captivating. I want to watch it again and again and again

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