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Let us make up some new boys and girls first names?

Asked by rebbel (35100points) June 2nd, 2011

New as in not yet around.
As in invented by you.
They should be good and real (sounding) enough to be used potentially.
Like Dran for a girl, or Quant for a boy don’t tell me those are already existing names…
Got any?
Use your fantsay!

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Viriel for a girl

Vron for a boy.

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Corocobu for a boy

Tahlia for a girl

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Zrey! That’s like my favorite name for a girl but every time I say that people say it’s weird. But I love it! My first daughter will for sure be named Zrey!

For a boy I haven’t thought of one yet… but I will.

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I’ve always loved the word Virgola (Italian for “comma”). A friend and I used to joke about my naming my daughter that, but the longer I think about it, the more I like it.

You have to say it with an accent – VEER-go-la, not VER-go-la.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I went to high school with a girl named Tahlia

“Wishing to be both edgy yet traditional, Tahlia named her son “Lemrod”, after his great-grandfathers ‘Lemuel’ and ‘Nimrod’. Beginning in kindergarten, Lemrod insisted he be called “Bill.” Much to Tahlia’s dismay, the name stuck.”

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@BarnacleBill freakin’ gnarly.

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Cladamnit for a girl and Bastardino for a boy. ;)

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I know this does not exactly follow your guidelines, but I’ve always loved the sound of the word venison. Now if only it didn’t mean deer meat it would be a lovely girl’s name: “Venison sweetheart, come here and let me fix your hair.”

On the other hand, I’m also partial to Polly Esther. I tried to talk my husband into that name for one of our girls, but he wasn’t having it. I can’t understand why. Seriously, someone somewhere has a grandmother named Polly Esther.

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Boys; Elracoth Vynn Arphand Zsvendarillius Brunor Amrath/Pamrath (silent P)

Girls; Elligiale Onelia Funébrice (I know I cheated) Xabrina Arphande (are-fawned) Symbeline. Well…hey.

I guess those are either STD’s or D&D characters…

That reminds me of all those Megaman bosses my friend and I made up last Summer…Godless Boomslang, Badaboom Baboon, Flippin’ Nutcracker…

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@snowberry, along the same lines, I’ve long thought “lasagne” sounds like a lovely girl’s name. I think I’d spell it Lazanya. Can’t you see it? “Lazanya Smith, magna cum laude.  ...  Dr. Lazanya Smith, Pediatrician.  ...  How to Raise Exceptional Children, by Lazanya Smith  ...  And now please welcome today’s special guest—Dr. Lazanya Smith.”

I’d favor Venison for her brother, though.

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Chupacabro for a boy
Chupacabra for a girl

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Peter Jupiter Shorty High Pockets Geezershorts!
Now THAT’S a name you can sink your teeth into!

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I always liked Nomar Garciaparra’s first name. (And for those of you who are not sports fans, that is a real name of a real adult male, who played shortstop for several MLB teams, including the Boston Red Sox.) He was named (middle name) after his father Ramón (the last two letters reversed) and his mother, María.

(I’m using my former name Cyanotic here.)

So my son with @Jeruba could be Cijer,
my son with @Jude could be Cijud,
my son with @Symbeline could be Cisym,
my son with @lucillelucillelucille could be Ciluc,
my son with @PluckyDog could be Ciplu,
my son with @Seelix could be Cisee.

Not sure how the girls’ names would work. Maybe… the last two letters of the mother’s name reversed, plus the first three from the father? So:

(Still playing off of Cyanotic.)


They all sound pretty exotic (like the women involved, of course) and… easy to misspell and mispronounce.

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@snowberry Lol Geezershorts.

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@WasCy That’s neat.

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Cisym sounds either like a religion, or some type of super death scissors. XD

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Minea or Jesrine for a girl

Randon or Banford for a boy

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@keobooks I like those. :) Especially Gravelinde.

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@Seelix Seems close to the word virgin.

@emeraldisles Yours is too similar to Viagra.

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I actually came up with a name I had never heard of for my brother’s child. (Haven’t heard it since, either.) They used it.

Not that I, Darling Rhadamanthus, would ever enjoy unusual names.:)

I think the best place to find unusual names for your child, is to try to log into Google without the right password. Do it a few times and then write down all the code names they give you to make sure you aren’t spamming the system:


And actually the name Quant IS a name. It’s the name of a very famous designer who came out of the Carnaby Street craze of the 1960’s and her official logo was that “flower power” blossom. Her name was Mary

But, I have yet to see it used as a first name. So, you may be on to something!

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@WasCy, wouldn’t our daughter be Abcya? Or does that sound too much like a joke?

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Yep. Obviously I’m ready for be. Good night.

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August, for a girl (I’m pretty sure it’s been used as a boy’s name in the past, though, and many variations are real names already.
Jeron (rhymes with heron) – probably for a boy
Vea (like via or vee) – girl
Rhone – either

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There is no shortage of fantasy in you Jellies, very original names you came up with…, thanks all!

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Jarin, for a boy. I can’t think of a girl’s name offhand.

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@downtide We can have twins! Jeron and Jarin. :p

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I made up Jeruba.

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Triplets, anyone?

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Ask @WasCy. He seems keen to sire a crew.

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Clitoris & Viagra…..what a charming couple!

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Blimp, Carport, Hedgerow and Dump.

Oh, wait, those are Sarah Palin’s kids, I need to come up with something original…

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I can’t think of anything, but I’ve never met anyone with my name spelled the same way (Alaina). I’ve also never met anyone with my nickname (Lainey).

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I have a girlfriend who uses Lainey for email addresses, maybe her relatives use it as a nickname? When I saw your username I thought it was her at first.

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@BarnacleBill. I keep thinking that Mothraleen must be the name of a giant winged insect that menaces Ireland.

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@laineybug In my 5th grade class, there was a Lainey. Weirdly enough, it was short for Anastasia. I have no idea how she got Lainey out of that, but that’s what she was called.

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Mormons have a long history of unusual names. Here’s an article.

@laineybug I have a cousin whose name is Rhea Laine, and we called her Lainey. I also have relatives named Duncan, Preston, Bart, Rhea Dean, and Jolene. I know there are many others, but right now I can’t remember them.

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@laineybug Is it wierd to know there are other Lainey’s out there? I grew up with a very popular name, and I know tons and tons of people with my real name (your mom knows my name, we went to high school together. For that matter your mommy has a really popular name). Everything I do, basically almost every day interact with people or talk to people with my same name. Even in my zumba class at my gym there are three of us who are regulars. My sister barely knew anyone with the same name growing up, her name was very rare back then, so for her it is really weird to call someone else by her own name.

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@JLeslie it is weird to know that. I don’t think I would ever get used to talking to someone else with my name on a regular basis.

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@laineybug When you were really little, there was a younger girl taking dance classes at our YMCA with your exact name and nickname, you just don’t remember. Her father took a woodworking class with me, and since his wife was pregnant with that Lainey during that time, I told him he stole the name from me, subconsciously. :p

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@augustlan Oh yeah! I remember that now.

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