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Men: what would you be excited to receive as a gift on your birthday?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11979points) June 2nd, 2011 from iPhone

My original idea was spoiled. He found a search on my phone for men’s jewelry. Damn. So there goes my idea for a watch, earring, or chain. Next idea! I would like to keep the price between $50 and $75. I wish I could tell you some of his interests to help make this easier…but he really doesn’t have any specific things or hobbies. He’s mentioned how much he wants some new shoes…but that’s lame. And its hard to know what his style would be. He likes to smell good and he’s out of cologne. Maybe there’s an idea? Not very original… Men, what would you like to get as a gift? Any creative ideas are welcome! I have a couple weeks left to come up with something good.
This is only important to me because recently he opened up and told me about his past birthday experiences growing up. He had a rough life. Mother died when he was very young and he was in foster care, etc and nobody ever celebrated his birthday. I want to make this year a special one for him.

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I think you’re going to have to find out more about him personally if you want a great gift. I mean, every man could tell you something totally different. My neighbor would tell you to get him tickets to a huge Comic convention and the complete works of Shakespeare in the original Klingon. That would make him really excited. But I bet your boyfriend wouldn’t be too excited over that.

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Birthday sex.

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Men don’t want things they aren’t going to use. So I vote for the shoes, no matter how much you think it’s lame. XP

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Beer and a blowjob?

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$50 worth of whipped-cream bikinis.

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A good solid boinking and a pat on the @ss).;

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Buy a jar of gourmet chocolate. Wrap it up beautifully and then give him the BJ of his life. I am a married woman, but I am just saying, they love it.

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Blow job and beer.

@Seek_Kolinahr – good to see you back in the hood.

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I am a girl, but thought I would throw in my two cents. Can you get shoes plus something else, something small that is more personal or sentimental? Maybe make him something? Does he drink coffee? My husband uses the coffee mug I painted him at one of those pottery places. Has his nickname on it and the birthday date, painted in his favorite colors.

Cologne is good too. He will know he is wearing a scent you picked for him.

@Seek_Kolinahr Hi!

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I agree with @Axemusica. If your guy mentioned wanting shoes, then shoes are a good gift. Men usually aren’t excited to receive gifts unless those gifts turn out to be something they wanted. If you’re lucky, you can get something that he’ll realize he wants when he opens it. But those sorts of gifts aren’t the kinds of things that people over the internet can advise you on. They require personal knowledge of the recipient.

Like @JLeslie said, though, adding something more personalized or sentimental can make it a bit more special. It won’t take much. My father-in-law had a similar experience to your guy when he was growing up. He never got Christmas presents from his family. The first gift he ever received was from his mother-in-law, who had bought him a sweater. It wasn’t much, but it was truly the thought that counted for him after so many years of getting nothing.

I would also advise against giving sex (oral or otherwise) as a gift. I’m not saying he wouldn’t appreciate sex on his birthday or that you shouldn’t try to make it extra special that day, just that it shouldn’t be treated as a commodity within the context of your relationship. That will make it less meaningful, as if you only do such things as a favor to him.

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Vegetable seedlings and a savage jungle F#CK!! ;)

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Ok here’s an idea my mother just came up with…something big (like shoes or cologne) of course. Then she suggested that many guys think pregnant women are sexy so I should take a “sexy” photo of myself with my belly and frame it along with a sonogram pic. Cheesy?

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Definitely go with the shoes or cologne, either one is something he needs or wants. If you pick shoes make sure they can be returned/exchanged if they’re not comfortable or he just doesn’t like them.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Don’t do that unless this guy like it.

Shoes are good. If he has mentioned them thats a good buy. If he doesn’t have hobbies, etc… what does he do in his free time? Got to be something. If he doesn’t have free time, definitely go with practical.

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Some bl’oons & a cake & some party games….yay!!
Well, I can get a blow job & a hump any damn time I please….dis is my speshal day! XD

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I don’t understand sex as a gift. I think it is nice for have great sex on a special day, but as a substitute for a gift or as the gift. Not working for me.

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@JLeslie If you’d rather receive a pair of shoes than sex, you are not a man.

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@Afos22 I’m a man and I made a similar point above. Sex on my birthday is great. Sex as my gift is lame. It says “I’m doing this as a favor, not because I’m interested in doing sexy things to you.”

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I’ll admit, I made my suggestion half tongue-in-cheek… but I could never gift shoes to someone, unless I brought the person with me to choose the shoes.

I just know how hard it is for me to find shoes that fit comfortably, and many people have certain shoe brands they’re fond of and others that just don’t work for them.

I’d hate to force a shopping trip on the guy to return or exchange something he’d probably rather pick out for himself.

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@Afos22 It’s just in a marriage sex is sort of a given. Not that anyone is obligated, but pretty much sex is part of the relationship already. She isn’t a prostitute giving it up as a special treat whether she feels like it or not. I don’t think women should have to gift sex, a couple should have sex because they want to, because it is part of the relationship. I guess I just am not into purposefully giving or witholding sex.

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I agree with @JLeslie. Sex for a gift is lame. We have sex everyday anyway. On his birthday I’m sure we will have sex, but that’s not out of the ordinary. It’s almost expected.

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