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Atlanta, Georgia tourist attractions?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) June 2nd, 2011

I’ve read the other threads about Atlanta Georgia, and Little 5 seems to come up often. Here’s some more details though.

I’ll be travelling there with a friend of mine, and we are Canadian (just throwing that out there). So, we’re travelling there by plane. We’re both 19 years old, and don’t fancy bars or what not for this trip (I guess we’re not of age anyways.. for the states).

We’ll be at a loss for convenience of rides since we do not plan on spending too much money while we’re there (especially not to invest in renting a car, as our sense of direction would not be good there, and we’re surely to get lost, so, gas money would be wasted too), thus we’re not going to rent a car, and we’re staying at a relative’s house. We’ll only be there for 2 weeks, or a little more, one of our priorities is shopping.

What are some easy means of transportations? Is taking the bus appropriate? What is the fare on that?

Let’s hear some good shopping malls and large tourist attractions where it’s easy to walk from one place to another?

Our relative surely is able to drive us some places, but I do not wish to bother them out of their busy daily schedule, and lodging there seems to be great enough.

Thanks in advance! =)

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Research getting around on MARTA – the rapid transit system.

Go to the Coca Cola museum! And go to a Braves game.

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Atlanta is HUGE. Talk to the relative who you will be staying with to give you an idea about transportation to the shopping areas, be it walking or taking a bus.

Two weeks is a long time to be there without seeing some of the sites, so you and your friend should do some advance research on what you would really like to see. For those that are farther away, you might want to schedule with the relative around their schedule, and as long as they are willing and able.

Enjoy the time in the US, and let us know about your adventures!

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Peachtree center’s Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery if you like dinner theater mysteries is a great place to eat. It is in a mall so you can get your shopping done and take in the show too.

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@curiouscat, Atlanta really is a city that is designed for cars. You may be restricted to downtown with your approach. Don’t let me rain on your parade, this might be the only way you can take this trip and will take what you get. Go to Stone Mountain. You might need a ride to this park but it shouldn’t be too far for you. Just checked out the web site and the web site sucks with a capital S. Other than a parking fee, I think to go to the park and walk to the top of the mountain is free or next to free. The web site highlights some amusement park beside the mountain and outdoor shows you can go to but to visit the Mountain doesn’t cost.

Have fun, wish you had said you were getting a car at least some of the time, I could have suggested soo much more like a day in Chatanooga (lookout mountain, aquarium); white water rafting in the region; Gatlinburg TN (Outlet shopping malls out the back side, Smoky Mountain National Park), on and on. For these suggestions you may want to seriously consider a coach bus tour to Chatanooga and/or Gatlinburg, especially Gatlinburg if you want to shop.

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@Season_of_Fall, thank you for your meticulously answered comment though. I’ll see what I can do for vehicles.. Either way, my trip will indeed be fun. Thank you again. =)

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You can get to Stone Mountain by public transport. You take a train to Avondale Station and from there a number 120 bus goes out to Stone Mountain village and it is a short walk to the gates of the park. It is a lovely walk up to the summit.

The tram tour of the city is worth doing and tickets can be bought at the Information Office. You can also visit the World of Coca Cola.

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In addition to the other places mentioned (Coca-cola factory, Stone Mountain, Braves) there’s also a Six Flags in Atlanta. No idea how to get there via MARTA, however.

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Don’t forget the Atlanta Aquarium

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I live in Atlanta, Use the Marta to get around i guess (or walk) little five points it a good touristy place, but if you are looking for attractions go to the coca cola museum definitely if you haven’t gone before, the aquarium is really cool and has A LOT to do. If you are looking for a whole day activity Stone Mountain. And then you could always go to six flags(not really in atlanta but still) The CNN center is good to, or you could se if there are any games going on anywhere (braves, etc.)

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