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Question for Native New Yorkers or frequent visitors?

Asked by Meltd (101points) July 13th, 2010 from iPhone

Hi, were visiting New York for 4 days in October. Having never been outside of Europe were obviously very excited. While there we want to fully immerse ourselves in the experience so what shouldn’t we miss? Any tips or advice? What little known gems should we check out? We have a super pass type ticket for the Main attractions, but what would you reccomend?

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Which parts of NY are you hitting?

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Staying in Manhattan arriving on a tues lunch time and depart on the fri morning. Thanks for links to previous threads. :-)

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@Meltd Catch a taping of David Letterman at the Theatre, I’m drawing a complete blank on the name.Someone help me out? Someone on here should be able to help you score some tickets.

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Tell Rupert, i said hello!

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@Adirondackwannabe, it’s the Ed Sullivan Theater on 53rd and Broadway. But, if a person hasn’t already applied for tickets months ago, they will have to wait in line for standby seating, and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a seat, especially if all the ticket holders assigned for that day show up.

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Sit on a park bench in Central Park and have lunch.

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Well we’re not going for another 2 months so might be lucky on the website for tickets. I also heard you should pre book visits to the top of the statue of liberty, were going on a staten island cruise but I’d like to see inside the statue…am researching that at the mo.

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@aprilsimnel Thanks, that was driving me nuts. I could see Topo Gigio and thats as far as I could get. Maybe some jellies can help one of our European friends?

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There are many great suggestions in the links provided to previous questions, but if you have any specific questions after reading them and further planning, we will try to answer them.

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