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How far would you go to protect your pet from those wanting to feed off of it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) June 3rd, 2011

If you others felt eating your pet was the way to survive how far would you go to stop them? Say, you (and one other person close to you) were traveling to a remote and rugged location for an extended assignment for work or getaway where you can only fly in or hike nearly 5 days with pack animals during winter and plane goes down. Being it is a small plane, large enough for the pilot, co-pilot, 5 other people (6 others if 2 are children) and you. Most of all the supplies are already there waiting but you have an estimated 3 days worth of food with you. The crash kills the co-pilot, and the pilot and one of the others are bad off and in a coma, your person and another passenger is banged up to the point they cannot be moved with out extreme pain to them. The radio is busted, there are no cell towers, and no one has a satellite phone; you all are cut off from the outside world. Your pet survived because it was in a cage and at the rear. It will be at least two days before you are discovered missing and anyone starts to search, because of the harsh weather times an aerial search can happen is slim. No matter what you try you can’t bring attention to yourself. Because of the dead co-pilot and the 2 comatose people you stretch 3 days food into 9 (they make you feed your pets from your rations), but then it runs out. Rain or snow get you water so you can hold out, but at some point if the rescue drags out to many weeks and the others start feeling the pangs of hunger. One of them suggests killing your pet because no one has eaten really in two weeks. How far would you go to let them know (pet name here) is not on the menu? Would you be willing to kill one (or more) of them should they tried to harm your pet? If one or more offered you a large bribe and had the cash on them would you think about it? If one of the others had a child and begged you to do it, so they can feed their kid would that change your mind any?

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Have you recently watched a film by any chance?
If someone wanted to eat my pet, regardless whether they had kids or not, I’d tell them to back off. My pets have been my babies to me and I would never ever kill them for food. But I wouldn’t kill that other person either. Just let them know very clearly and strongly that even touching my pet is a no-no.

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I would kill them all and feed their corpses to my pet.

Unless one of the survivors was my fiancée.

Then I’d have to think about it.

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If my pets would feed starving children, sure. I would hope they would do the same for my kids.

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It sure as hell wouldn’t be two weeks. If the supplies were stretched to nine days, probably have lapin roti for dinner on the tenth day.

Why make the question so complicated? The answer doesn’t change if all but two die or if every survives the plane crash. Just say, “People on a trip are stranded with no food, you have a pet rabbit, how far do you go to protect it?

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Didn’t you just ask this same sort of question last night? :-/

A bit of dementia showing up, or, just a new twist to the plot? lol

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Generally speaking, I may defend my property with potentially lethal force. My pet is my property. If this were just a case of someone harassing my dog, I’d probably stick with the ol’ baseball bat, and that only to add weight to my words.

Hard to say. If I didn’t want anybody to eat the dog, I would make it as clear as necessary, by declaration, argument, and finally, force. But I can be swayed by a good sob story. I would first see about finding a food source that was a bit more abundant than thirty pounds of aging dog. Besides that, there are ways of drawing attention to yourself in the great outdoors.
I weigh a bit more than is entirely good for me, so I could probably go to half or even quarter rations. Ought to help.

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@zenvelo _ Why make the question so complicated? “People on a trip are stranded with no food, you have a pet rabbit, how far do you go to protect it? This is Fluther, someone will say everyone will die because they would die of thirst 1st, or they will think the rabbit will be in peril sooner because there are no food on the plane, etc…..and you won’t have any ”Donnor fodder” as an out of those who would rather go cannibal than eat a pet.

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A Donner party re-inactment, well, come on out!
I live about 50 miles from the Donner dead zone. lol

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^ A Donner party re-inactment, well, come on out!
What does that mean exactly? If provisions ran out, you would bump off a human to have meat for your dog? Of it for some reason the dog dies, and they (the fellow survivors) wanted to eat the dog and not have all that meat go to waste or the wolves get it etc. you’d kill them and feed you and your pooch with their bodies?

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^ It means nothing, just a humorous remark. If it came down to cannibalizing I’d just go fall asleep in the snow and yes, I wouldn’t eat my 18 yr. old pet goose if my life depended on it. You don’t eat family. You must be really bored tonight HC, this Q. is 6 years and 8 months old now. haha

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It popped up in a feed, so I looked, was actually researching something else, but that comment was, to me, cryptic and bizarre that I had to ask. 

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