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Wireless router not connecting with SOME devices...

Asked by arthurbach4 (6points) April 25th, 2008

I have a reasonably unusual problem with my wireless router.

I am running a pc (laptop with XP) and I have a Netgear WGR614 v7 wireless router (4 port).

At various times I wirelessly connect the following:

For a good 6 months everything would connect (often all at the same time) with no problem what-so-ever, but recently I have had some issues.

Now NOTHING will connect wirelessly to the router EXCEPT my laptop.

That’s wierd right?

To clarify – everything FINDS my router and often hooks into it at full or excellent strength but while it connects to the router per say it does NOT go on to connect to the INTERNET proper.

The really weird thing is that the wireless card on my laptop (also netgear as it came with the router) DOES wirelessly connect just fine.

You should see the looks my flatmate is giving me as she sits there with her “kind of but not quite” connected laptop!

I tried having the ethernet cord connect into one of the four connections at the back of the router (as opposed to the main ethernet connection at the back). This presents the exact same issue but now MY laptop also doesn’t connect to the internet (though it does connect to the router).

If it matters, when the ps3 fails to connect it says:

“An error occurred during connection with the server. This is a DNS error (80710102)”.

I was thinking maybe it was a problem with the settings on the router but that is where my “expertise” ends.

P.s. If it matters – when I connect the ethernet cord DIRECTLY into my laptop it also works perfectly.

Hope you can help.


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It is pretty common for me to have to reboot my wireless router about every other month. I have about 10 devices (computers, the kids gameboys, etc.) that connect to it. It is not uncommon for me to have one of the computers not connect while another connects just fine. I don’t know anybody that has a wireless router that doesn’t freak out and needs to be restarted. Now I have used about 10 different wireless routers at work, at home and friends houses and every one exhibits the same behavoir, cisco, netgear, linksys and apple…I’ve yet to find one that works 24/7 consitently.

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Thanks for that. I was wondering how I go about rebooting the router?


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I just unplug it from the wall or back of unit. Some have a reset button, but those can reset the settings to factory defaults, which you probably don’t want to do.

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