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How do you file a small claim in NYC?

Asked by ImNotHere (444points) June 4th, 2011

I have an ex who is withholding some of my property after a break up. We’ve set up numerous times for me to get it which have always fallen through due to either him not responding or not showing up to the arranged time and place for me to get it. I want to end this once and for all and have decided to take legal action. Can someone give me some advice on the protocol? Where do I go to file it, a police station or a courthouse? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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Most county courts will have the documents to file. Here is a brief summery of the process. I’ve been to small claims court a few times and they are fairly easy. There are no lawyers so you don’t have to worry about some legal loophole. Make sure you have any pertinent documents such as proof of ownership and purchase price or valuation. Any correspondence with the guy that supports your case. I think you’ll find the process to be quite reasonable and fair. Make sure you include the cost of filing and serving in your suit.

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I might also suggest you write down the sequence of events. Dates and times things or conversations occurred. It gets very hard to remember when you’re in front of the judge. Having a written record makes it much easier. All in all not much different than Judge Judy, just a lot less dramatic.

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