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What items would you put in your dream home?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) June 4th, 2011

So, you buy your dream home that you’ve been wanting for ages, but you have so much room that you don’t know what to put in it! What kind of things would you put in your home to take up space?

They can be crazy, elegant, or completely expensive. Just use your imagination. ;)

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Augustlan found this for me at Pier1 Imports! It’s a giant wall decor spatula that’s about 46 inches tall! I want that and an aquarium with a beautiful and vibrant octopus named Mr. Cuddles.

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Full set of cast iron cookware, big kitchen with wood fire oven and a big central island, bearskin rugs and mats for decoration, sitting, and sleeping on, a collection of machetes, a collection of traditional archery equipment, a smaller collection of firearms, a massive library, numerous plants (probably in some sort of sun room or built-in greenhouse), and probably a decent sized root/wine cellar. I guess I’d like some sort of TV and computer, but I don’t really care what as long as it works.

Oh, and some solar panels on top would be nice. The whole thing would likely be set into a hill much like a hobbit hole.

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@Vunessuh You and your spatulas! Hahaha.

@incendiary_dan That sounds like a comfy little place. Fun Fun!

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A well-equipped dungeon :-p

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@HungryGuy I somehow knew you’d say something along those lines.

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@KatetheGreat – Well, of course. Every home needs a dungeon! Don’t you think so?

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A full size snooker table.

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Once I have enough dough to have one commissioned, this!

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Polished wood floors with inlay patterns and borders.

Soundproof walls.

Sunken step-in tile shower/jacuzzi/bath.

Built in sideboard, cabinets and bookcases.

Tile face built-in fireplace.

Living area with as a large a skyview as possible.

Kitchen with tiled walls, stainless steel cabinetry/appliances and a drain in the floor for steaming the place clean.

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A hawt sexy mama!! WOOF! ;)

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My dream is to have a well appointed library along these lines. I would also love a workout room with a treadmill, rowing machine, weights etc. I would want comfortable chairs scattered throughout the house along with a sound system wired throughout. My kitchen would have to be massive with two ovens and a large fridge. The dining room would have to accommodate at least 12 people.

I would want a large table in the laundry room for folding laundry.

I love artwork and it would be hanging every where.

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I love lights, so something like this would be nice. I would add a huge aquarium

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What would be in my dream home would be:
• Coi pond.
• 30 seat home theater with a 70in projection HDTV with surround sound.
• Heated tile floors in the bath and kitchen with heated towel racks in the bath.
• Sauna
• His and hers walk-in closets.
• An attached arboretum.
• A wave pool.
• Full basketball court.
• Half basketball court indoors
• Dungeon complete with rack, stockade, iron maiden and custom blocking horse.
• Interactive interface to tailor the room to the user.
• Ceiling to floor salt water tank between the entry and great room.
• Art studio large enough for all wet and dry media.
• Fully stocked garage with car lift, cherry picker, spray booth, machine shop.
• 25 car garage
• 2 tennis courts.
• Soccer field.
• Horseshoe pit.
• Archery range
• Firing range; indoor and outdoor.
• Billiard room.
• Arcade/game room.
• Full gym.
• Home office.
• Media room for video and music production.
• Helipad.
• Safe room(s).
• Complete dojo.
• A natural hedge labyrinth.

I am sure I am missing something but I can’t remember it right now.

What the hell Kate, Gold Ingot for you, I love ya.

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@Hypocrisy_Central You forgot the indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

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@YARNLADY By George I think you are right. Only I would have the outdorr marble Roman pool w/attached hot tub spa along with the indoor/outdoor pool.

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For some reason I’ve always wanted a pool type of thing that I could fill with those really soft beanie pillows…

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I am not exactly answering what you asked I think? Because when I think of items in my dream home it is about the actual structure.

Large open family room off of the kitchen with doors out to the backyard.

Huge screened in patio, if in FL a screened in pool. Pool no matter what actually, if very north an indoor pool with large doors to open up to the outside in the summer time.

Guest house either detached or semi-attached with a small sitting room, bedroom, bathroom with stall shower, and mini kitchen.

Back to the mainhouse, a cabana bath that has a door to the backyard pool areas, and a door inside of the main house.

Kitchen has two dishwashers. Sink is one large sink. Kitchen is up against the back of the house with a passthrough window to the pool area.

The master bathroom has a heater, his and hers areas, or maybe separate bathrooms altogether, and the girl area has a bidet. I like a bathroom set up I saw in Tokyo where the wet area was behind glass with the shower and then the bathtub behind the glass as well. So you could go from bath to shower all in the wet area, hard to explain.

Master bedroom closet has a folding table in the middle which below has drawer and cabinet space.

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Oh, and I want electric instant hot water instead of hot water heaters. Solar electricity if possible. A holding tank for run off water to be recycled if there is not a nearby body of water. And, large beautiful sliding or pocket doors to separate zones, so in the winter I can heat only the part of the house being used.

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@JLeslie That house sounds phenomenal. :)

I will definitely be going to @Hypocrisy_Central‘s house! Sounds like a party!

@bubba3778 You. Are. A. GENIUS.

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@KatetheGreat Thanks. And not crazy big. Three bedrooms in the main house with an additional convertable space that could be a formal living room or office. Plus the extra guest house. 4,000 sq ft total under air. I had a lot of that stuff when I lived in FL, but not the separate guest house.

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@JLeslie 4,000 sq ft? My dream house can have no less than 25,000 sq ft.

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I would like a huge table in the kitchen like they have on the Brothers and Sisters programme. So we could all sit around it.

A library, filled with amazing books. It should have one of those ladders to reach the really high books.

An indoor swimming pool.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Go for it. Remember it is 4,000 under air. The covered patio and 6 car garage for my husband adds to the total sq ft. If the pool needs to be indoor then that would add a few hundred more also. I have 5,000 under air now, I never wanted this much and I still don’t. I am trying to sell.

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When thinking about my “dream house” the only room I really think about it the bathroom which is the most important room in the house for me. I dream of a large, free standing bath in the centre of the room with a fireplace.

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