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Which TV shows lead you into becoming more Atheist or which into Theist etc?

Asked by flo (12999points) June 4th, 2011

(Edited) So, which have had an effect on you in becoming whichever, Atheist or Theist or Agnostic etc. No obscure shows, the ones that are all over the place. And why?
And by the way even without addressing religion. Just for eg. South Park.

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Penn and Teller’s Bullshit is a great show. I love the episode on the bible.
Also, there’s no such thing as “becoming” an atheist.

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Television had nothing to do with me becoming an atheist. Going to church, talking to god in my mind (“praying”) just didn’t make sense to me. Entertainment had nothing to do with my thought process on the matter.

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That is good to hear @FutureMemory. I think.

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Thanks all, I just edited it.

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Television doesn’t affect my life and decisions in anywhere near that degree.

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I’m with @syz. I really hope people aren’t believing in a god or not believing in a god because of the corporate diarrhea we call tv.

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There wasn’t one really. After 40+ years of being in a Christian environment and and thinking that I was a bad Christian for not having as strong as a faith as friends and family members, it took exposing myself on other points-of-view. The niggling feeling started with a Mythology class taken when I was 13. If the Greeks and Romans felt as strongly about their religious beliefs Christians do, who is to say that Christianity is the right way? Now that I know a bit more about other religions, the same question applies.

If there was any media that provided an ‘Ah Ha!” moment, it was Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God While not an Atheist as Ms. Sweeney is, like her, I continue to learn and form my own opinion. After all, it is just personal belief for each of us. Let us learn to respect the beliefs of others and be open to listening to their perspective. It is a two-way street.

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Television did not affect me being an atheist, but I have to say those mega church Evangelical televised shows asking for money reinforces my feelings that religion is a racket. Not to confuse organized religion and theism, I don’t think they have to go hand and hand.

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I was an atheist long before I started watching tv (real tv, not occasionally being allowed to watch Sesame Street or Barney or Full House).

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@MyNewtBoobs , you should be glad that you weren’t allowed to watch barney. hat show is a POS. Besides, I quit going to church so I can spend more time with the TV. Seeing what Repugicans had done with it made me give up rejoining religion.

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@reijinni No, Barney was one of three shows I was allowed to watch on occasion.

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@tom_g It refused to let me give you a GA

I think I may have to rephrase my question.

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There haven’t been any shows that have changed my beliefs at all. Beliefs in religion, or lack thereof don’t come from TV shows. I am an agnostic, but I enjoy watching all sorts of shows. Joan of Arcadia was a particular favorite of mine, but it never made me think, even for one second that I “better start believing in God, because he’s everywhere.”

When I was a little kid, me and my brother used to watch Davy and Goliath on Sundays, but we never thought for a second that we should start believing in God just because this show is kind of in favor of a belief in God. We still enjoyed the show.

One of my favorite all time TV specials of all time is the Charlie Brown Christmas. And I completely love the soliloquey given by Linus where he explains what “Christmas is all about.” Linus was partially correct, but to me and my family, Christmas is also about having a loving family and family traditions, and being a giving and compassionate type of person, but it’s not about God (for us), although we all love the “story” about Jesus’s birth.

And I’ve always loved The Walton’s. They’re all about believing in and trying to do God’s work. I think that by doing what they referred to as “God’s work” is the same as trying to live an exemplary life, by being compassionate, doing good works and deeds, trying not to cause harm to others and by trying to give back a little of yourself to those in need. For me and my family, that is only natural, but has nothing to do with God.

The only show that I can say has had a huge impact on my family is M*A*S*H, but it didn’t do anything to change our beliefs, but it did kind of re-inforce them. It was very liberal, very feminist, very pro-choice, very comassionate and very equal rights oriented. Most of the people on the show believed in God and we appreciate that, but you can also see that there are other beliefs that are equally valid and all of them can be tolerated equally in a civilized society.

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I’m pretty sure television and movies have done nothing to shape my beliefs. Not that I know of. In fact, I can’t even begin to know what the hell did in the first place lol.

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I can’t think of any movies, but when I was agnostic, the great Carlin had a small part in my thought processes.

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I can’t take anything I see on TV seriously enough to move me in any direction. If money is behind the motivation of programming then its all fake.

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Barney didn’t turn me into an atheist, but he makes me believe in Hell.

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Television shows have had no part in my coming to atheism. Common sense led me here.

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None. Critical thinking turned me into an atheist.

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Thank you all.
@Kardamom I agree. Thanks for the long, thoughful answer.

@tom_g ’...‘corporate diarrhea we call tv.’ Right on the money.

Would you (everyone who hasn’t ) see if it allows you to give GA to @tom_g? I see 3 GAs so I know it does work from some computers? I did try the “refresh”, nothing. It happened on another thread with @faye. I did let the mods know.

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The Great Answer worked for me under @tom_g‘s name @flo. Perhaps you already awarded him with a Great Answer and forgot. I’ve done that before. ; )

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@bkcunningham No, because I did the click click click on everyone from top of the latest answers, and it is only when I got to @tom_g that it didn’t work.

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Not sure if it’s working or not (great answer), but loving the positive intention just the same. Thanks.

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@tom_g by the way, I sometimes am in a rush to give the GAs, but I do it later on. It is very important to me.

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Thanks very much @all

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@Pied_Pfeffer thank you. Sorry.

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