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What's some good music to code to?

Asked by frankielaguna (256points) April 25th, 2008

Need to find some music to code to. Know any?

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EDIT: Panic at The Disco. Period.

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I’m looking for something to listen to while programming, something that will keep me in the mood. All my normal stuff just isn’t working. Really I’m just looking for ideas on what to listen to while programming.

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um what kind of music do you like?

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Really anything, I’m open for all suggestions.

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When you say “keep you in the mood,” what’s the “mood?”
Upbeat, mellow, other?

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@peedub Focused.

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Panic At The Disco keeps me in my loose and full-out type of mood. I live for Panic At The Disco, they gave reference to WEWT (What Everyone Wants To Be.)

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@peedub you awesome psychic bastard. That album (Computerwelt) just finished playing here and I listen to it often when coding. Love the Speak & Spell on Hemicomputer.

Anyway, I’d suggest anything instrumental or with minimal vocals:
Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children (or any of their albums)
Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85–92
Kraftwerk – (all their albums)
Uusitalo – Tulenkantaja (Finnish drum and bass, sweet)

I could go on but those are what come to mind right now.

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Or, for something completely different, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. DA DA DA daaaa.

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Oooh ooh I know! My new favoritest band- Ratatat! There’s no vocals and its electronic type style.

P.S. Thanks ├╝berbatman and peedub!

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**Slaps head and wonders how Panic At The Disco got so great**, Frankie, The White Stripes, and Spitalfield is good.

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@paulc- Great selections. Mogwai is great ambient music for studying or working on projects. I couldn’t find the best examples on (limited) youtube, but imagine the song in the link, but with moments that break out into a loud, distorted frenzy, then become soft again.

One that you can’t go wrong with (and of my personal favorites) if you’re into the more spastic stuff, is LCD Soundsystem

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@AllOfYou Wow I am overwhelmed with ideas! I’ve already added a bunch of these albums to my iTunes. Now time for some power coding! :)) I’m pumped! :))

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If you like LCD, check out the singer’s label: DFA Records, lot’s o’ good stuff.

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I agree with paulc anything instrumental is good for when your working on stuff, because you have music but the lyrics don’t distract you from your work.

Ratatat as Eambos said, I would also check out NIN’s new instrumental CD.Last this song which is always on my “work” play list.

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Thievery Corp. LTJ Bukem. Explosions in the Sky.

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Bach, the Brandenurg Concertos.

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Royksopp would work very well.

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Oh and We The Kings.

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Anything instrumental by Leo Kottke.

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I’ve had good results on long complex coding sessions by playing entire Operas (words mostly incomprehensible so not distracting, music sophisticated and powerful, with long-term themes). Specifically I’ve used Carmen and Der Ring Des Niebelungen (a.k.a. Wagner’s “Ring Cycle”) to good effect for this.

For lighter coding that doesn’t require a lot of concentration “in the zone”, casual raucous music that I mindlessly enjoy also works for me.

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music that keep me going while editing on photoshop is modern jazz….......I just enjoy the rhythms of the music without words with a lot of non traditional sounds, it keeps me awake, I follow the rhythm of the music by actively taping the keyboard and keeping focus on what I’m doing….......I am in a different world and I get done much more

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Following up on Zaku’s thinking, I would suggest Carmina Burana, a cantata based on Medieval poems in Latin, Middle High German and old French, so there is no worry about understanding the text. Carl Orff set these to music in an eerie and compelling cantata in 1936. Music is rhythmic, raucous, tender, funny, haunting and memorable. (Satire, love songs, parodies, drinking songs…)

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makeno, that’s great music I can use just to hang out

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