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How can i use programming to eliminate static in an audio clip?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) July 22nd, 2008

I need to eliminate some static in an audio recording. i was in an engineering class for introduction to programming and we used matlab to do this. the problem is that i dont remember the code and i also dont have access to matlab. i am on a mac and i have access to xcode as well.

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hmm, fastest thing i can come up with right now is audicity, it has a plugin for it if i remember correctly, you could give it a try

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You could use a program like Audacity to do something similar… run some kind of low pass filter or what not

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iwamoto and alex beat me to it…audacity will do it for you…

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ehhh can i do the same thing in garage band. i downloaded audacity once and didnt like the interface but if i have to use it i will

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if i am going to do it in audacity, how would i go about this?

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Audacity is good…buuut…removing noise via programming? Genius. If you ever find the code again (even if I don’t understand MATLAB) please tell me because that seems pretty cool :)

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@skyrail, yeah it was pretty tight. i know the code is still available online so if i find it i will send it to you. i believe all we did is analyze the shape of the wave where it was just the static, and then we passed the audio clip over a filter designed to remove the noise. it was really good and we cleaned up a clip amazingly

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Remember you can’t get the noise out %100. If your line is staticy, hissy, then you should invest in better gear. Starting with whichever gear is the cheapest..

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it wasnt some audio that i was recording, it was for a project, we were given an audio clip. they are prerecorded we cant record new ones

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